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On January 5, the truck home netizen “Ba long heavy truck 340” published a post entitled “the ending after the table burst”, describing his embarrassing experience.

It started with a strange noise. I always felt that the car made a noise when I was driving, and I couldn’t hear it in neutral. So he asked the repairman to follow the car for inspection.

Because you have to drive in gear, and you have to turn the engine to more than 1300 rpm to make that strange sound. The master couldn’t check it.

He thought of a way: stop the car, jack up the third bridge with a jack, and put it in gear for refueling. As a result, the watch burst and started for less than a minute, and a tragedy happened: the engine suddenly locked. Although the final problem was found, the supercharger leaked, but the inter axle differential burned

The final situation is that the middle axle passes through the axle differential, that is, the inter axle differential lock is burned, which is equivalent to opening the inter axle differential lock.

Newly Purchased Inter Axle Differential Assembly Of Work Injury

Once the post was issued, many card friends participated in the discussion. In addition to discussing the air leakage of supercharger, they focused more on the damage of inter axle differential.

Among them, the  “wants to speed but fails to reach” has conducted a thorough analysis on the process from meter explosion to flameout: if you support the rear axle of the dual drive axle alone for a 6×4 car, the inter axle differential will work when it is in gear. At this time, if the middle axle is relatively short of oil or the inter axle differential itself has been damaged, it is easy to cause the inter axle differential to burn, At this time, the middle axle of the double drive axle is not off the ground, so the engine stalls when the inter axle differential lock is used (because it is burned). This case occurs many times every year.

In addition, some card friends also analyzed the support of individual drive wheels and related safety problems:


“Always a grandson”: jack up the medium bridge. This can only be done when the suspension axle frame is automatically aligned. It can only be put into resistance and turn slowly. It’s strange that the differential between axles works at full load at such a high speed and doesn’t get stuck at high temperature. The engine is suffocated after it gets stuck. Can the middle axle not fall apart?


“… finish class early”: who gave you this bad idea? You can take the repairman for a lap. If you stand up at such a high speed, if the car trembles and the jack falls off, your gearbox and your rear axle will be scrapped at the moment of landing. The car is also a rocket launch, and the consequences are unimaginable.

“Wan h09021”: if you jack up the whole 3 bridge, it won’t be like this. I believe that if the gear doesn’t work, it won’t burn. The rotating gear oil is enough to lubricate the outer bevel gear. Also, you must burst your watch quickly after taking a taxi. Slowly wait until the lubricating oil goes in and won’t burn. Of course, if you can’t burst your watch for too long.

It’s not that the fourth bridge didn’t fight. Planetary gears are for you to use when the tire speed is inconsistent when you turn. It can be said that they are rarely used and very slow. If you use it suddenly, it must burn. It’s none of the fourth bridge’s business. If the third bridge burns down and doesn’t rotate, you can just turn off the engine.


From the replies of these card friends, I believe you have understood why the inter axle differential of this car is damaged. This happens many times a year. The reason is that most of the owners or maintenance workers do not understand the mechanical principle of the transmission system such as truck differential, resulting in the damage of the assembly. In the future, truck house will also gradually start the popularization of some truck mechanical transmission system, electrical system and other related knowledge to reduce unnecessary damage.

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