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The wiper assembly is generally composed of a wiper motor, a connecting rod, a wiper arm and a wiper blade. The function is to wipe off the raindrops and dust attached to the windshield of the vehicle to improve the visibility of the driver , Increase driving safety.

In order to give full play to the normal function of the wiper in various environments and extend its service life, the wiper strip must maintain a uniform pressure and maintain an appropriate angle.

When the wiper system is working, once there are band-like streaks, fog-like streaks, abnormal noise, etc., it needs to be checked, trouble-shooting, repaired, or replacement parts to ensure the normal and smooth working.

The brake light switch is installed on the brake pedal and is a switch to control the brake light. When the brake pedal is stepped on, the switch is turned on to notify the ECU that the brake has been braked, release the torque converter lock-up clutch, and light up the brake light to prevent the drive wheel from braking,and avoid the engine suddenly stalled.

Common brake light switches have the following types: hydraulic brake light switches, pneumatic brake light switches, spring brake light switches, of which the spring brake light switch is a more commonly used brake switch.

Common fault forms: poor line connection, improper adjustment of the working stroke, poor contact or damage to the contact switch, etc.

If the brake light switch is damaged or the signal is abnormal, the ABS/ASC/DSC control function will fail, the related warning lights will be lit, and the vehicle power performance will decrease.

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