Will the fuel consumption really decrease after the running in period?
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Many new car owners pay more attention to the running in period. If the first 3000 kilometers of a car are run in well, the overall service life and condition of the car are much better than those with poor running in.

The car owner didn’t care much about the fuel consumption before the running in period, because they didn’t think it was too long before the running in period.

This view is wrong. In fact, the running in period should pay more attention to fuel consumption, because according to the normal running in rhythm, the most fuel-efficient driving mode is generally the best running in mode.

For example, no emergency braking and no acceleration are the basic rules of green driving and the driving requirements during the running in period.

Since the running in period, the car has good driving habits. Naturally, the fuel consumption will continue to be low in the future.

If you think the fuel consumption during the running in period is high, you don’t care. First, it’s not conducive to the running in of the vehicle. Second, you can develop bad driving habits, and the fuel consumption can’t be reduced in the future.

Indeed, the fuel consumption will indeed decrease after the running in period, but don’t expect it too high. Generally, it’s good to reduce it by 3 ~ 5%. The best way is to develop good driving habits during the running in period.

Clutch life
Clutch life

How to save fuel when driving during the running in period?

Do not let the engine rotate too fast during use. Generally, the speed shall not exceed 3000 rpm, and it shall not exceed 3500 rpm in case of automatic gear

Do not keep one gear for a long time or drive in low gear for a long time. When all cars are running at low speed, the actual burden is greater than that at medium speed, so the running in period should not be running in below 60 km / h for a long time.

The speed must be increased gradually. At the same time, if you have been running at the speed of 80 km / h after the running in period, suddenly increase the speed per hour, it will make the new car unsuitable.

Therefore, you should gradually increase the maximum speed per hour during the running in period. For cars with automatic gear, the running in specified gear can only be realized through driving speed because it can not be determined through manual shift.

In short, the running in shall be carried out at a constant speed of 30km / h, 60km / h, 80km / h and 100km / h. such a level must be stable.

The vehicle body shall not be driven under heavy load. During the running in period of a new car, the lighter the body, the better, because too heavy a load will damage the car.

Avoid driving for too long. Many car owners can’t put it down after buying a new car. They always drive it around all day.

In fact, doing so will accelerate the aging of parts and components and do great harm to the new car.

In fact, many car owners who have bought a new car will face this problem, that is, how to drive a good car during the running in period.

Start, refuel and shift according to the normal rhythm. Over time, you can save a lot of fuel. If it is not necessary to drive on the road, it is best not to overtake frequently and drive at a constant speed to reduce fuel consumption.

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