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The wheel hub is where the appearance of a tire lies. The wheel hub accounts for a large proportion of the tire, and the rubber tire,

The wheel hub is black and not bright enough. The wheel hub is designed with various patterns. The bigger the wheel hub is

Its visual pattern will be more obvious. Many riders like big wheel hub tires. Is the bigger the wheel hub, the better?

If the wheel hub is big, will the performance of this tire be very high?

What is the hub?

The wheel hub can be called steel ring and wheel rim. It is a round iron bracket supporting the inner contour of the tire, and it is also a metal part in the center of the tire.

Where does the wheel hub look good?

We usually see aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels. Aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive and beautiful.

Steel wheel hub is cheaper, simple and durable, but it doesn’t have much beauty to see.

There are many colors in the wheel hub. What we see everyday is monochrome and bicolor. Monochrome is a kind of wheel hub of one color, which is relatively monotonous, generally silver white.

Two color is two colors, more three-dimensional, generally silver white and black with each other.

Big wheels look better?

The beauty of a tire depends on the wheel hub. The wheel hub is made of many styles, and can be made into a wheel hub with various pattern supports,

The bigger the wheel hub, the bigger the pattern bracket, the more obvious the vision, and the more outstanding the pattern effect,

To tell you the truth, it’s true that the big wheel hub is more beautiful. I believe many riders especially like the big wheel hub tire,

The bracket in the center of the big hub will be larger, which makes it more powerful. The bigger and longer the bracket is, the more beautiful the design pattern of the hub will be. The visual impact will be more intense.

What are the advantages of big wheel hub?

Excellent handling performance

The bracket of the big wheel hub is big enough and strong enough, the handling feeling of the big wheel hub is excellent, and the power transmission is excellent.

When a car turns a corner, it has a smaller pitch and is easier to turn,

The larger the area of the wheel hub, the stronger the support of the wheel hub on the tire, the more direct the friction on the ground, and the easier the grip output from the inside to the outside, making the tire more stable.

Beautiful appearance

A lot of luxury cars will use big wheel tires, which are magnificent, luxurious and face-saving.

What are the disadvantages of big wheel hub?

Poor damping

The bigger the wheel hub is, the smaller the relative tire is. The smaller the tire is, the thinner the tread of the tire will be,

There will be less gas in the tire, so the weaker the cushion of the tire, the worse the damping effect of the tire.

High fuel consumption

The wheel hub is made of metal. Because the metal is heavy, the wheel hub is heavy,

Big hub means that the tire will be heavier, and the weight of big hub will consume more oil. The fuel consumption of large wheel hub will be higher.


The tires with big wheels are good-looking. They attract a lot of attention when driving on the street, but the bigger the wheel, the better,

Everything has two sides. There is a ratio standard for tire ratio,

Do not blindly pursue good-looking and ignore the practicality, according to the actual reasonable situation to replace the appropriate hub, is the right way!

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