What Is The White Powder On The Battery?
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If You Don'T Understand, Ask: What Is The White Powder On The Battery?

White Powder
If You Don'T Understand, Ask What Is The White Powder On The Battery (2)

Many people will suddenly find two poles of the battery after the vehicle has been used for a period of time of white powder 

(positive and negative terminals)

A pile of white or green came out

Powdered oxide

Old drivers and old maintenance masters generally

Let’s wash it down with boiling water

Then put some butter on it


White Powder

The battery is also called battery. In addition to starting the engine, it can also supply power to the electrical equipment when the engine is not working. At the same time, it also has the function of voltage stabilizing and protecting the electrical equipment. It can be said that the battery is a very important power supply device on the vehicle of white powder.

What Are These Oxides of white powder ?

The white oxide is mainly composed of lead sulfate and the Yellow oxide is mainly ferric sulfate. The conductivity of these two oxides is very poor. If they are in the contact position of wires, they will form a large contact resistance and reduce the output current of the battery. Serious will also affect battery charging. These oxides are soluble in water, so they can be washed off with boiling water of white powder.

How Do These Oxides Form?

  • Some batteries are of poor quality. Frequent bumps will lead to the overflow of internal acid during battery use, which will corrode the pole and produce oxides of white powder.
  • In addition, because the charging current of the battery is too large, the acid inside the battery volatilizes greatly, and then the acid reacts with the pole of white powder.
  • In addition, it is because the battery has been used for a long time. After a long time, the acid inside the battery volatilizes and slowly reacts with the battery pole of white powder.
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