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Truck Fault Maintenance Case Of Steering Wheel Swing During Braking

In recent years, the double steering front axle truck is favored by users because of its good regulatory adaptability, light weight and reasonable axle load distribution; However, due to the uneven research, production technology and supporting chain of truck manufacturers, there are many double steering front axle trucks in the market, which makes it difficult for service stations and repair shops to solve problems. There was only one case.

Fault Phenomenon

Many double steering front axle trucks, dump trucks and tractors often have similar faults: when the vehicle speed exceeds 45km / h, the brake pedal is normally pressed, and the steering wheel swings back and forth at 2 ~ 4Hz. The driver cannot effectively control the steering wheel, and the braking effect is poor. Such faults greatly reduce the safety and comfort of the whole vehicle. After the user replaces the wheel hub, rim, brake, brake shoe and other components, the fault still exists.

Fault Analysis

During the first chassis secondary maintenance of the new car, after the disassembly and assembly of the front wheel hub, the steering wheel swings the most frequently during braking. Through the instrument detection, the front wheel hub of the vehicle with the fault appears “out of roundness”. The results show that the swing of steering wheel during braking of double steering front axle truck is caused by the “out of roundness” of wheel hub. This article is from Zhimei auto repair

The hub cutting equipment is used to repair the “out of roundness” of the wheel valley. After the hub, rim and tire are loaded again, the fault still exists. Then remove the wheel hub for inspection, and the wheel hub is “out of roundness” again. The results show that the “out of round” repair of single wheel hub can effectively solve the problem of steering wheel swing during braking of double steering front axle truck.

Continue to analyze the causes: each time the repaired wheel hub is loaded, there is another “out of roundness”. During this period, only one process has been carried out, that is, the rim screw tightening operation. Finally, it is confirmed that after single repair, the hub will mesh with the rim through the strong tension of the rim screw, and local deformation will occur again, resulting in “out of roundness”, and the steering wheel will still swing when braking. Body


Firstly, the hub and rim shall be meshed and tightened, and the hub cutting equipment shall be installed for “out of roundness” repair to avoid the process of re tightening the hub and rim. During the loading test, the swing of steering wheel disappears during braking.

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