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Why Does The Wheel Inner Bearing Always Break? Great Knowledge Of Installation And Maintenance

The super group Netizens found that the wheel side inner bearing of SINOTRUK is smaller than the outer bearing in the “ten years of sharpening”. This design leads to problems in the inner bearing, and discussed it in the group. The netizens in the group put forward many suggestions on the installation, maintenance and use of the wheel side reducer, and discussed many reasons for the failure of the wheel side reduction bridge. Now I’ll share the chat records with you, It is hoped that truck drivers can pay more attention in the process of use to avoid such problems.

Super Group Chat Record

Ten years of sharpening 12:15:45

Ask a question: why is the inner bearing at the wheel edge of heavy truck smaller than the outer bearing? Is there any advantage in this design? Many of our local heavy cars have problems with the inner bearing

Always caught speeding 12:16:20

Unreasonable design

More haste is less than 12:16:22

This has something to do with the design of the rear hub. There are problems with the inner bearing of the drive axle. One is the bearing preload, the other is the driving, and the other is the bearing quality

Ten years of sharpening 12:17:48

The frequency of bad is too high. Now, the inner and outer bearings of Dongfeng Hercules wheel reduction bridge are 30222. Why not? Very confused

More haste is less than 12:19:26

For many repairs now, the axle housing nut has to be screwed to death for fear that it will fall off, resulting in excessive bearing preload. Then, when running again, the roller wear of the inner bearing increases and the clearance appears, which is the main reason

Ten years of sharpening 12:20:37

The main reason is that the design is defective. It should be large inside and small outside, or the same size


More haste is less than 12:22:23

However, I wrote the assembly instructions in 2003 for the maintenance of the wheel edge of the Steyr series. Generally, there is no problem according to this maintenance

Ten years of sharpening 12:27:15

However, the inner and outer bearings of HOWO 08 are 32222, and the bearings are much less broken

More haste is less than 12:28:06

In this way, the 32222 is now replaced for the reliability and bearing requirements of the bearing

Shallow singing, that loneliness 12:28:09

Later, after replacing the rear axle assembly, it was less broken.

Ten years of sharpening 12:28:27

There is also the fracture of HOWO bridge, which often occurs after 80000 km

More haste is less than 12:28:40

The deformation of the drive axle will also lead to many wheel side faults. The fracture of the bridge can be found in any factory. They all say that hande is good. In fact, it will also break. Why many people like cast steel (casting bridge) now is that they don’t understand the usage. My Steyr 13 ton bridge has been used for 20 years and hasn’t broken. In fact, these factors have something to do with many factors. Now everyone is repairing when it’s broken, and we use maintenance instead of repair


Decade of sharpening 12:31:01

The strength of cast bridge is still higher than that of welded bridge

JH24412 12:32:21

Hehe, our car can sell scrap iron for up to 7 years

More haste is less than 12:32:32

There is a certain overload coefficient in the design of axle housing

Ten years of sharpening 12:32:45

My car will be changed in two years

More haste is less than 12:32:58

Hehe, my clutch plate was replaced when it was 850000

._ ◇. Sign_ 12:33:23

I change everything frequently

JH24412 12:33:48

Well, including the driver


More haste is less than 12:34:07

In this way, if you use a car with a total weight of 38 tons to pull 120 tons, if you have no problem running for 2 years, it is equivalent to 38 tons running for 8-10 years

JH24412 12:34:26

He didn’t go uphill and flew downhill, which cast a shadow on the driver’s psychology


More haste is less than 12:36:29

In the early days, when Datong reached 100 tons in 1998, you can’t walk on that road. Now it’s better than before

._ ◇. Sign_ 12:36:58

The situation here is that as long as the bridge can be crossed by a cart, it has basically become a dangerous bridge

JH24412 12:37:30

Well, this is a very obvious phenomenon. I repaired the road in the early stage of the Olympic Games last year and distributed some tire sellers

More haste is less than 12:37:44

When I was in Datong, there was a car owner I knew with my father (who first bought Steyr in Shanxi) competing for 250000-300000 a month. Later, it developed to 15 cars. In the era of overload, he didn’t do this

JH24412 12:37:56

They all run fast. None of the original tires were left. They were all replaced. I used the two rubber tires of my Trailer twice.


The axle housing nut is screwed too tightly, resulting in excessive bearing preload, increased wear of the rollers of the running inner bearing and open space, which is the main reason for the damage of the inner bearing of the wheel side reduction axle. At the same time, the deformation of the axle housing caused by overload is also easy to lead to the failure of the wheel reduction axle. Reasonable assembly, maintenance and use, so as to achieve “maintenance instead of repair”, so as to prolong the service life.

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Precautions during installation of wheel reducer:

1. Carefully check the rear hub 30222 and 32222 bearings. Replace them if they are worn or damaged.

2. The spline holes of the internal gear ring support and the half shaft sleeve are worn and the side clearance is too large, so they should be replaced.

3. If the working surface of the inner gear ring is seriously worn and damaged, it shall also be replaced.

4. The sun gear spline hole and half shaft spline are worn and the side clearance is too large. Replace the sun gear and half shaft.


5. Before installation, all parts shall be cleaned carefully, and the 250x7mm diameter “O” ring, rear wheel oil seal and axle shaft oil seal on the rear hub shall be replaced. After cleaning, install correctly in sequence. Pay attention to adjusting the preload of 30222 and 32222 bearings.

6. If the drive axle is deformed, first correct or replace the drive axle, and then replace the wheel reducer. If the drive axle is not corrected or replaced, the wheel reducer will be damaged at the user’s own risk.


7. After the wheel reducer is installed, gear oil meeting the requirements shall be added, and the oil level shall meet the standard.

8. It is best to replace the gear oil quarterly.

9. In the process of repairing the wheel reducer, the replaced accessories shall be those produced by regular manufacturers. If the accessories used are not genuine, the wheel reducer shall be damaged at its own risk.

10. Reasonable loading is the key to reduce the damage of drive axle and wheel reducer. Please pay attention to it.

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