What's the advantage of installing chassis armor on your car?
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As the saying goes, “rotten car first rotten bottom”, no sunshine all year round, after countless bumpy car chassis, corrosion and damage risk is very big.

The chassis of city car is very low, in the process of driving, some of the splashing sand kept hitting the chassis; When driving on uneven roads, the chassis may be bottomed; In rainy and snowy days, the car chassis is easy to stick mud, and is corroded by rain and snow particles; After snow, the road is covered with snow melting agent with strong corrosion, which causes fatal damage to the car chassis and greatly shortens the service life of the vehicle.

Put a thick layer of armor on the chassis, so that the chassis can prevent collision, rust and sound. Chassis armor is a kind of adhesive rubber asphalt coating.

The coating is non-toxic and has strong adhesion, and can be sprayed on chassis, wheel hub, fuel tank, car lower coaming, trunk and other parts.

After spray drying, an elastic protective layer will be formed to protect the vehicle from corrosion and aging. Do chassis armor must go to a special construction workshop and professional construction technical personnel of the regular shop.

At the same time, after the completion of the armor, the car owners must not forget to ask the construction shop for the chassis anti rust construction quality assurance certificate, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Regular stores generally promise a 1-3-year warranty, during which the loss due to underpinning and other reasons can be repaired free of charge.

Avoid construction in rainy weather. Because this is not conducive to the timely drying of the coating, it often directly affects the actual effect of chassis armor.

After the construction of chassis armor, it is better not to drive in the place with poor road condition for about one day, because the coating is not fully dry and has not yet achieved the effect of complete curing

Before the chassis armor, the chassis needs to be cleaned to ensure that the chassis is not stained with dirt.

Park the vehicle on the vehicle lift at the construction site and fix the supporting points. Remove the four wheels and mark the corresponding positions for each wheel.

Raise the vehicle to the appropriate construction position, and continue to clean the chassis surface to remove rust and dust accumulated at the corner.

Pay attention to the dirt on the wheel arc, fender and fender lining. Wash wheel arc, fender and fender lining with water. The stubborn dirt can be washed with a brush. Dry the cleaned parts with compressed air.


For parts that are difficult to blow dry, dry them with a towel. Wrap the hub with prepared masking paper to avoid being smeared by the spray material. Cover the skirt around the car body to avoid being smeared by spraying materials.

Cover the paint part of the vehicle and the oil pipe and exhaust pipe of the chassis. It is beneficial to the cleaning of the construction site to lay the shielding film on the construction site.

Check whether the air pressure of the sprayer is sufficient, if not, it should be used after sufficient. Spray the vehicle fender first and shake the container fully before use.

Attention: operators should take necessary protective measures and wear masks and gloves during construction.

After spraying, the anti-collision and anti rust primer shall be evenly distributed and of sufficient thickness. Then spray the vehicle chassis in the same steps as the fender. After about half an hour, the second spraying is carried out.

After the operation, wait for the surface to dry“ The “chassis armor” is evenly distributed and black granular.

Remove the masking paper and clean the site. During operation, it is necessary to ensure the shielding protection of non construction parts to prevent the performance of vehicles from being affected by spraying.

After the tires are installed, carefully check whether there are armored residues on the paint surface of the car body, and clean them in time if any. Confirm that the construction items required by the construction order have been completed.

Benefits of installing chassis armor:

Folding blocks climate impact

The baking of the surface in summer, the attack of acid rain, the moisture and salt of the atmosphere, the corrosion of snow remover on the snow track in winter and other factors can erode the bottom of the car.

Chassis armor can effectively prevent the car from rusting and premature aging. Even in the warm and humid climate of coastal cities, the sea breeze with salt will not bring back the scars of steel.

Folding to defend against sand and stone impact

When the car is driving on the road with bad road conditions, the sand and gravel on the road will constantly hit the chassis and hub of the car after being vibrated and splashed.

Chassis armor can protect the original antirust paint and galvanized layer of automobile chassis to prevent the metal from being exposed and contacting with moisture and acid rain in the air to rust. It can effectively resist the rapid spread of rust stains and corrode the inner shell parts of automobile.

Folding to enhance driving safety

The damaged chassis may cause some parts of the chassis to deform, especially the upper and lower swing arms, left and right pull rods, etc., which are easy to deform.

Some slight scratches may also cause slight leakage of the gasoline pan or wave box oil pan. The deformation and leakage can not be detected, but it will seriously affect the driving safety.

After the chassis anti-collision and anti rust treatment, the chassis is not damaged, and the safety is naturally guaranteed.

Fold to keep the value of the vehicle

The data shows that the new car will rust after about three years of use. The corresponding fact is: the better the vehicle maintenance, the higher the value.

After driving for a period of time, whether you are ready to change a new car when you use it, the car that has been treated with chassis anti-collision and anti rust treatment (especially with the quality guarantee of a regular large company) is sure to have a higher value forever.

Although buying a car is generally not aimed at investment, the difference in the value of the same car will be higher and lower after a few years.

Folding to improve driving comfort

As the chassis anti-collision and anti rust adopts elastic material sealing treatment, on the one hand, it greatly increases the smoothness of vehicle driving; on the other hand, it greatly reduces the noise of vehicle and noise on land during driving.

Therefore, the driving comfort is much higher than that of vehicles without chassis anti-collision and anti rust.

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