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1.Inspect your truck

When it comes to vehicle inspections, you may need to slightly alter your regular checks during winter months.
Importantly, you should check your:

❄ Tires – wear, pressure and balance
❄ Battery – power and charging system
❄ Wiper blades – working and free from snow and ice
❄ Fluid levels – topped up
❄ Lights – fully functional
❄ Exhaust pipe – ensure it’s clear of snow
❄ Defrosters – ensure they are functional

2.Check the conditions

Keep up-to-date with weather information before you set off and remain aware of changing conditions and closed routes via GPS systems, radio or be regularly calling into base.

This is where telematics can be a great help in knowing where drivers are, the routes that they are taking and the opportunities to find alternative, safer routes.

3.Drive carefully

Sudden, sharp movements can cause you to lose control – hard acceleration and braking decreases traction.

Keep to a steady, consistent speed and go easy on the brakes. hold the distance between you and the vehicle in front to retain a comfortable braking distance in icy conditions.

With over 17% of all vehicle crashes occur during the winter months, drivers should:

4.Drive smoothly

Sudden, sharp movements can cause you to lose control and similarly, hard acceleration and braking also decrease traction.

Hold a consistent, steady speed and be easy on the brakes – keeping a good distance between you and the car in front, you will always have a comfortable braking distance in icy conditions.

5.Be careful when entering and leaving your truck

This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s common for truck drivers to fall and injure themselves by underestimating just how slippery their vehicle’s steps are.

Take your time and wear boots with a good grip to reduce your chance of slipping and injury. Also, when visibility is low, always remember your high-visibility vest!

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