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Car seat belts also need maintenance
Car seat belts also need maintenance
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Automobile oil leakage is listed as an important standard and content of case insurance

Once the water tank leaks, the vehicle will also be abnormal. If the water tank leaks during driving, the coolant will be lost.

It will not take long to cause the engine to overheat, and the water temperature of the instrument panel will rise, which will eventually cause the boiler to boil.

If the engine compartment temperature is too high, it will also lead to a series of adverse phenomena such as power drop.

What if the water tank leaks?
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1、 Check whether the water tank cover of the car is tight. If it is not tight, the water tank cover should be fastened. Then check whether the water leakage of the car water tank is improved.

2、 Gas is injected into the water tank, and the water in the water tank will leak under pressure, so as to know the leakage of the car water tank, and then formulate the repair method.

3、 Open the oil cover of the engine to see if there are traces of emulsification in the oil. If there are traces of emulsification, the engine should be disassembled immediately to replace the cylinder gasket.

4、 In the process of driving, if the water tank is broken due to traffic accident or violent vibration, a strong plugging agent can be added to the water tank.

If there is no plugging agent, the cut tobacco can be taken out from the cigarette, crushed and put into the water tank after opening the water tank cover.

Then fill the water tank with water, tighten the water tank cover and start the vehicle. After a period of time, the cut tobacco will flow in the water tank, and then block the water leakage. This is a very simple solution to the problem of water leakage in the water tank.

If you happen to catch up with a self driving trip, besides cigarettes, car owners can also use soap to solve the problem of water leakage in the water tank.

First, make the soap into small pieces, and use the same steps to put it into the water tank. Small soap blocks can also block the water leakage in the water tank. Can temporarily solve the problem, and then according to the actual situation, to repair shop.

If these methods still don’t improve the water leakage of the car water tank, you really need to go to the repair shop to repair it, or replace it with a new car water tank.

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