What if the truck goes off course?The owner's own inspection method
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When driving, the discovery is worn in driving always runs to the right slant, did a few positioning or run slant, how should be solved?According to experts, off-track driving is a common problem in trucks, which usually has the following reasons:

Four wheels out of alignment.

In most cases, the deviation can be solved by doing four-wheel positioning, but if four-wheel positioning does not solve the problem, it must be caused by something else.

The tire pattern on both sides is not the same or the pattern is not as high as one deep one shallow.The best whole car use the same type of tire, at least the front axle and rear axle of the two tires must be the same, and the depth of the pattern must be the same, exceed the wear limit must be replaced.

Different tire pressure on both sides.

Different tire pressure will make the tires become different sizes, driving will inevitably go off.

Inconsistent deformation buffers on both sides of the front shock absorber spring.The quality of the shock absorber spring can be judged by comparing it after pressing or disassembling.

Front shock absorber failure.

After the failure of the front shock absorber, one of the two suspension is high and the other is low in the vehicle running, and the force is uneven, which leads to deviation.The shock absorber can be detected by a special shock absorber tester to judge the quality of the shock absorber;If unconditionally disassembled, it can be judged by pulling.

Excessive wear and tear of vehicle chassis parts has abnormal clearance.

Steering rod ball head, support arm rubber sleeve, stabilizer rod rubber sleeve and other parts are prone to excessive clearance, should be lifted after careful inspection of the vehicle.

The brake of a certain wheel has a bad return position and incomplete separation.This is equivalent to one side of the wheel always apply part of the brake, driving up the vehicle is bound to run off.When checking, you can feel the temperature of the hub, such as a wheel more than other wheels, indicating that the wheel brake back bad.

Overall deformation of the frame.If the wheelbase difference on both sides is too large and exceeds the maximum allowable range, it can be checked by measuring the size. If it exceeds the range, it must be corrected with a calibration table.

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