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The phenomenon of vehicle shaking is generally in the process of vehicle driving the whole body shaking, sometimes there will be abnormal sound, so that the driver feels the feet and buttocks tingling feeling, this phenomenon seriously affects driving safety, leading to wear and tear of parts in advance.

Rim deformation

Generally affected by the impact of external forces will cause deformation of the rim, and for some flat tire size is relatively low on the car is more prone to problems, the need to repair or replace the wheel hub.

Tire imbalances

Some owners do not carry out the tire dynamic balance after disassembly and assembly of tires, which will cause the high-speed steering wheel to shake. Generally, they can solve the problem by going to the tire shop for the tire dynamic balance.

The tyre deformation

First check the vehicle tire has no obvious damage or protruding, and then the car tire tread part with the hand carefully stroked a circle, if found that the tire tread appears jagged, or a tire appears a quite “abrupt” uplift, that is the tire deformation.Sometimes the tire is hit by nails, will also cause abnormal sound and shake phenomenon.

The tire imbalance and deformation can cause tire eating phenomenon, Xiao Wei once also wrote an article about tire eating failure, read amount to reach 3W +, analysis:

According to the tire wear can judge the reason for eating the tire, learn to know how to repair!

The ball head of the horizontal tie rod of the steering machine is worn excessively

Because it is active, it will wear out for a long time. After the problem occurs, there will be subtle Angle inaccuracy phenomenon when the steering occurs, so there will be tire jitter and fuzzy steering at high speed.If the nut is loose for a long time, it will even wear off the split pin, and the straight tie rod will fall off, resulting in the loss of the vehicle’s direction control.

Drive shaft deformation

When collision, scraping of hard objects, loosening of drive shaft screws, abrasion of bridge bearings and shock absorbing rubber sleeve, and distortion of drive shaft, the shaking feeling of the car is particularly obvious when accelerating.

When the steering machine pull rod ball head wear excessive and deformation of the transmission shaft, it is recommended to the nearest brand service station for maintenance and replacement as soon as possible.

Vehicle shaking is one of the common failures, when such an embarrassing problem occurs in the owner, most owners can not judge and repair, then be sure to go to the service station and regular maintenance points, do not be too panic, also can not be ignored.

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