What are the identification methods of auto parts?
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Internet + auto parts has become a new power of current consumption, the owner of the online purchase time, you need to know how to distinguish between true and false,

These 5 kinds of accessories are the most prevalent in the automobile aftermarket at present, you car friends especially need to be careful.

Buy auto parts, especially when it comes to steering, braking, tires and other parts, be sure to go to a regular auto parts shop to buy.

The identification methods of counterfeit and shoddy auto parts in the market are as follows:

(1) See whether the accessories are complete

The outer packing of genuine auto parts is of good quality. The writing on the packing box is clear and the overprint color is bright. The packing box or bag is marked with the product name, specification and model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and address and telephone number, etc.

Some important parts are also equipped with instructions, certificates and inspectors chapter, in order to guide the owner of the correct use and maintenance.When the purchase should be carefully recognized, in case of buying fake and shoddy accessories.

(2) look at the appearance of the accessories

Genuine parts (original parts) appearance printing or casting and marking clear and regular, and fake products appearance rough, or even brush paint.

Because illegal businessmen will waste parts through simple processing, such as disassembly, assembly, assembly, painting and other processing, and then pass as qualified products to sell to gain high profits.

(3) See the accessories specifications

The assembly parts of the original factory are complete and intact, and some fake and shoddy parts have almost the same appearance as the genuine products, but they are not very suitable to be installed, or the situation of large or small points.

(4) look at the protective layer

Formal parts in the factory before the protection layer, mainly to prevent parts knock against.

Such as cylinder liner, the size of the bearing bush, piston, valve and so on are generally protected with paraffin wax, so as not to damage the surface.If there is no protective layer on the surface of important accessories, most of them are fake products.

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