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Weichai Engine Parts: Something You Need To Know

Do you own a truck? If you do, you know, taking care of the engine is a necessity. Truck engines are manufactured using sophisticated technology. For example, some of the significant engines commonly used are made using weichai power intelligent technology. As much as they are developed using high technology, the weichai engine needs a regular checkup.

To maintain your weichai engine partsin good condition, you have to change its oil. Fortunately, manufacturers of engines indicate the types of oil you need to use and its viscosity levels.

If it’s your first time to own a truck, don’t worry, by the time you through with this read, you’ll purchase your oil like a pro. Here is what you need to know when purchasing weichai industrial engine oil.


Viscosity is measured using XWXX. W stands for winter. Let’s make this simple. If the oil is marked 5W30 viscosity, it means the oil thickens much as compared to 10W30. The number before letter W is the rate of temperature. So, if your truck is used in freezing climates, choose an oil that is between 0 -5 degrees.

The number after letter W is the degree at which the oil starts thinning. So, again, if you’re in hot temperature and your oil is marked 5W30, it will thin fast as compared to 10W40. In simple terms, if you in a cold environment, choose an oil with a lower number before letter W and vice versa.

Type Of Oil

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There are four types of oil. It is highly advised to stick to one kind of oil. These oils include;

  • Conventional oil, affordable and suitable for truck owners who regularly change the oil.
  • Premium conventional oil
  • High mileage oil. If you use your truck to transport good for long distances, consider using this type of oil.
  • Synthetic blend oil. Most trucks are used to transport goods from one side of a country to the other. If your vehicle is one of these, synthetic blend oil is your option. Additionally, it’s excellent for its property to resist oxidation. Also, it gives room for switching to other types of oil.


These are component added to the engine oil to enhance the performance of the oil.

  • Detergent inhibits deposits as a result of high temperature.
  • Friction modifier reduces engine friction and therefore increases mileage
  • Foam inhibitors
  • Anti-wear additives that protect the metal surfaces of the engine
  • Viscosity index improvers

Note that adding one additive affects the other, so use the recommended oil recipe provided by the manufacturer. In particular, research on weichai engine specs before settling on the type of oil you need.

Wrap up

A truck is a great investment. It is one of the marks that measure your asset and wealth. Therefore, taking care of your truck and specifically the engine, will determine how long it will serve you. Particularly, choose the right oil for your weichai engine partsif you want a long life for your truck.

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