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7 Engine Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

For a truck, the engine is like its heart, playing a vital role. If there is a problem with the engine, the truck will not be able to run normally. Therefore, we must be vigilant when the engine shows the following seven warning signs.

One of the signs is check the engine light

  • Checking the engine light can find possible problems with the engine in many ways. Engine light is generally caused by the following reasons, such as poor gasoline quality, substandard, oxygen sensor failure, air flow sensor failure, spark plug carbon deposition, engine knocking, water temperature sensor damage, etc.
  • These problems may cause the engine light to appear bright. No matter what kind of situation causes the engine fault light to come on, you need to use a computer detector for diagnosis. If it is a false fault code, just clear it directly. If there is a real fault, it needs to be checked and repaired according to the fault code.

One of the signs is strange noises

  • The main reason for engine vibration is spark plug failure. A faulty spark plug can cause the engine to stall, causing vibration and noise, making it make weird noises. The noise mentioned here is what we call the knock on the door. This can be rectified by replacing the spark plugs, but if there is a strange noise and this engine failure is not checked, it can cause damage and be expensive to repair.

One of the signs is often running overheated

  • Running an overheated engine can lead to a variety of problems. When the engine often overheats, we have to find out its cause and prescribe the right remedy. First of all, check whether the water tank and external pipes are leaking, if so, it means that the engine overheating is caused by water leakage and should be eliminated in time. If there is no water leakage, open the radiator water cover, observe whether the cooling water is sufficient. Most of them are due to long-term non-cooling water caused by engine overheating, should be promptly replenished. In addition, the fan belt loose slippage will also reduce the cooling water circulation speed, so that the engine overheating. Move the fan blade by hand. If you can move the fan to slide, it means the fan belt is loose causing poor cooling and should be adjusted.
  •  Finally, too much scale in the cooling system may also cause the engine to overheat. In severe cases, the water circuit is clogged, resulting in poor heat dissipation. Chemical cleaning of the cylinder block and radiator is required. Late injection time leads to poor heat dissipation. If the engine is sluggish when working, the sound is muffled, the cooling water temperature is high, and the exhaust pipe temperature is abnormally high, it means that the engine overheating is mainly caused by the small injection advance angle, and the injection advance angle should be checked and adjusted. 
One of the signs is unstable engine operation
  • When the engine does not run smoothly, it may be due to the wear of the flying block or the improper adjustment of the idle speed stabilization spring or poor performance.
  • It is also possible that the oil supply in the low-pressure oil circuit is not smooth or contains water or air, which will cause the oil supply to be large and small, especially in the low-speed area, which will lead to unstable engine speed. In addition, the excessive wear of the conical bearing supporting the camshaft of the fuel injection pump will also cause the camshaft to produce irregular large movements in the axial direction, which will make the engine speed unstable.
One of the signs is oil leakage
  • If you find oil spots on the ground after parking your car, you may have an oil leak problem due to a leaking gasket or oil pan. This can cause damage to the engine because it doesn’t have enough oil to increase friction in the combustion chamber, which can further cause damage to the components. 
  • The engine oil leak may be caused by valve cover leakage, engine timing cover leakage, loose or damaged oil pan drain screw, oil drain screw gasket not changed for a long time, oil filter leakage, engine oil pan leakage, crankshaft oil seal leakage, etc. In the processing of oil leakage fault, finding the oil leakage point is the key.
One of the signs is bad smell in it
  • Engine somewhere leaking oil, oil dripping to the exhaust pipe will give off a bad smell, when the engine or cab wiring burned to give off this smell, the situation is most serious, you need to immediately turn off the engine, otherwise, there is a risk of spontaneous combustion.
One of the signs is engine stalls under high-speed rotation
  • Engine stalling at high speed rotation may be due to three reasons. One is that the gums in the fuel may be oxidized by heat during storage and transportation. Gum is a very viscous fluid or semi-solid state of gel, gum itself can be dissolved in fuel, but when gum is oxidized by heat, it will be transformed into asphaltene, and then generate insoluble fuel oil gum. 
  • Second, asphaltene will decompose into coke-like material and gas when the temperature is above 300℃, so asphaltene will form many hard carbon deposits in the intake valve, piston top, piston ring groove, combustion chamber, spark plug and other parts after the soluble gum enters the combustion chamber and burns with gasoline. Third, insoluble oil gum is also known as deposits, which will adhere to the fuel filter after it is added to the car tank together with fuel, blocking the filter medium, thus causing the engine to stall.
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