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Learn These, Card Friends Can Also Solve The Problem Of Vibration And Noise

  • With the progress of technology and the improvement of living standards, truck drivers’ masters also have higher and higher requirements for the comfort of commercial vehicles. A considerable proportion of masters eat and live in the vehicle. They must have encountered annoying problems of vibration and noise such as bumping up and down when the car runs at a constant speed, shaking when braking, buzzing of the rear axle when speeding up and taxiing. When they encounter these thorny problems, they are often more than willing but less able to start.
  • These vibration and noise problems have special specialties in major vehicle manufacturers. People in the industry call them Metaphysics – NVH, but the seemingly mysterious and profound problems are actually that users pay attention to driving habits in daily use, timely check the vehicle status, and can effectively find the crux of the problem and seek help.

Avoid vibration and noise of cab wobble when driving up or down

  • Medium and heavy trucks will have the feeling of cab shaking and bumping when they are unloaded and fully loaded, which is very easy to cause driving fatigue, and will also cause drivers to worry about the state of the whole vehicle and suspect vehicle failure. There are many factors affecting this abnormal jitter, which is mainly caused by tire deformation. Users can from several aspects during use:
  • First, no matter no-load or full load, do not step on the brake quickly. Try to use multiple point brakes to slow down slowly. In case of intersection and turning, slow down in advance, develop good braking habits and reduce tire wear;
  • Second, regularly check the tire wear of the whole vehicle, and replace it in time if it is seriously worn;
  • Third, check the tire pressure regularly to keep the tire pressure of the same axle as consistent as possible;
    Fourth, after the vehicle has been standing for a long time, due to the static deformation of the tire, there may be abnormal jitter when starting the vehicle. At this time, the vehicle can be warmed up at medium and low speed for a period of time, and the vehicle state can be restored after the static deformation is eliminated.

Avoid vibration and noise of Cab jitter when ignition is off and idling

  • In the process of ignition and flameout, you can feel obvious impact vibration and even hear knock sound when sitting on the driver’s seat.
    This situation is mostly caused by the failure of the supporting cushion of the cab or engine. It is common that the cushions are squeezed and deformed. You can check whether the cushion is aging and whether there are bumps on the support.

 Avoid vibration and noise of The whole vehicle shakes seriously when braking

  • When driving on a good road, there is obvious jitter when stepping on the brake pedal at any speed. During braking, the jitter frequency decreases with the decrease of vehicle speed. The driver can conduct various speed braking tests accordingly. If the phenomenon is similar, the main reason may be the brake drum. Dismantle and inspect all brake drums. If there are uneven friction marks, the brake drum must be unqualified; If there is no obvious uneven friction trace, check the brake clearance.
  • In order to avoid this kind of braking jitter problem, and for the sake of driving safety, it is necessary to regularly check whether the braking system is in normal use, replace unqualified braking elements in time, and avoid slamming and re stepping on the brake.

Avoid vibration and noise of Abnormal noise of rear axle

  • After a heavy-duty truck travels a certain mileage, there is an obvious “buzzing” noise when the rear axle accelerates, collects oil or drives at a constant speed. Check the gear oil of the main reducer, maintain it in time, and abide by the traffic and transportation regulations to avoid overload.
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