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Don'T Let Urea Block The "Urethra" And Stop Burning N Kinds Of Damage Caused By Urea

Since the fourth national emission standard came into power, many of our friends have been talking about the increase of car purchase cost and operation cost, but the freight remains the same. How to make more money under other unchanged conditions has become the most considered problem of driver friends.

Urea, as a vehicle using SCR route for tail gas treatment, is particularly critical, which also increases a lot of costs per kilometer. How can you save or not use it at all? The thoughtful card friends have thought of many ways. Of course, in order to cater to the mentality of card friends, some car companies have quietly made SCR route models without burning urea.

Check All Kinds Of Big Moves Only For Non Burning Urea

Forum netizen “zschy88” listed some folk methods in the post “how can the national four cars not burn urea”. Let’s have a look.

1. High Tech Play Brush + Analog Signal

Vehicles using this method are calibrated at the time of delivery as limiting the power output of the engine once the emission does not meet the standard. Not adding urea is in this column, so card friends will “cheat” the engine through technical means. At present, there are two common methods: one is to brush ECU; The other is to install a simulator on the vehicle to deceive the driving computer and achieve the normal driving state of the vehicle.

2. Simple And Rough Play, Personal Hobby + Violence

Such a vehicle still exists on the market. That is, when the vehicle leaves the factory, I don’t know whether it is the “negligence” of the vehicle enterprise or other reasons. No matter whether the emission is up to the standard, the engine works as it likes, and it won’t limit its power output. There are many folk methods to deal with this type of vehicle, but it is much simpler and rougher than the above. At present, it is common to add water to the urea tank; Or install screws on the nozzle to reduce the injection amount of urea; Or more rough, there are unplugging, blocking the urea delivery pipe, directly removing the whole device, etc.

The Consequences Are Very Serious, And The Maintenance Is Very Expensive

The above method seems to save part of the operating cost because it reduces the use of urea, but the fact is not as simple as thought. I believe card users know that if the car is running, it may not break for a long time, but if it is idle, various problems will occur in a short time.

1. Crystallization Leads To "Urinary Calculi"

If it is not used for a long time, the crystallization of urea will block the pipeline, nozzle and pump body, resulting in local or whole system damage, and the maintenance cost will not be too low. In addition, in the tail gas treatment device, the ambient temperature of the nozzle is very high. If it works normally, urea can play a part of the cooling effect. If it stops working, it is easy to burn out.

2. It Is Said In Jianghu That Titanium Alloy Is Very Expensive

According to Jianghu rumors, there is a converter in the tail gas treatment device, which is made of titanium alloy. If there is no urea solution to “moisturize” it, the converter is easy to be damaged. And there is no way to replace it alone, only the assembly can be replaced, and the cost of the whole exhaust device is about more than 20000.

3. Brush Machine Is A Technical Job, Which Needs To Be Cautious

Rigorous manufacturers generally don’t brush ECUs for customers, so car owners usually choose to brush machines or install simulators in small shops outside. How about technology? What is the quality of the simulator? After the damage, we don’t want our dear truck driver to pay for it, so Xiaobian suggests you be cautious about this kind of thing.

In today’s national haze weather, the implementation of the fourth national emission standard is a good thing for both the country and the people. However, after the implementation of this national policy, it has been beyond recognition by various “technical controls”. The reason is that drivers’ friends also have suffering words. On the premise of constant freight, the higher purchase cost and operating cost make it more difficult to operate vehicles. In addition, there are blank areas in the purchase of urea in some remote areas.


Environmental protection is something that the whole people should strive to do. Has the national “relevant department” considered the increase of vehicle cost and operation cost when implementing the national four emission standards? We are more eager for the whole society to do more meaningful things, rather than saying that China’s four cars can not add urea, while saying that their exhaust pipes are equipped with titanium alloy!

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