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What If Urea Is Not Burned Due To Abnormal Internal Air Pressure Of Urea Pump?

What If Urea Is Not Burned Due To Abnormal Internal Air Pressure Of Urea Pump

Fault phenomenon: the driver said that the urea of the vehicle was not consumed recently, and the instrument reported “abnormal air pressure inside the urea pump”.

Fault analysis: the general instrument report “abnormal air pressure in urea pump” is caused by pipeline or metering pump blockage

Troubleshooting Process Of Urea Pump:

1. First, remove the urea nozzle and blow it with the nozzle. If it can be blown through, it means that the nozzle is not blocked.

Then remove the pipe on the injection port of the metering pump and blow it with a mouth. It can be blown through, indicating that it is not blocked of urea pump.

2. The lathe maker C80 diagnostic instrument indicates that the pressure of the metering pump cannot be established, and the metering pump has not completed the pre injection .

It indicates that the instrument report “abnormal air pressure inside the urea pump” is caused by the blockage of the metering pump.

3. Find an unused paper cup, pour purified water and clean the metering pump with a syringe.

What If Urea Is Not Burned Due To Abnormal Internal Air Pressure Of Urea Pump (2)
  • The water in the syringe is injected from the liquid inlet of the metering pump until there is water flowing out of the liquid return port (the car is not blocked badly, and a cup of water is connected before it is used up). The user was advised to replace the urea solution at that time because he was worried that the metering pump was blocked due to the dirty urea solution.
  • 4. After obtaining the user’s consent, discharge the remaining urea solution in the tank and catch it in a clean bucket of urea pump.
  • At this time, it was found that a large number of black particles in the size of sesame seeds floated in the solution. No wonder the metering pump would be blocked .
  • Remove the urea tank, wash it with tap water, and then wash it with barreled purified water; Add urea solution after cleaning and troubleshooting .

Analysis And Conclusion:

  • After careful identification, the floating debris in the urea solution should be the debris left by the urea tank during processing and drilling. Meanwhile, the urea tank was not thoroughly cleaned during loading.
  • When urea solution is added, the debris will be suspended in the solution, so that when the metering pump works, it will be sucked into the pump, resulting in blockage. Therefore, the cleaning of the urea tank itself is also very important, without impurities and debris, so as to avoid polluting the urea solution.
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