Urea box so dirty do not pay attention to damage after treatment
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How many “misconceptions” do you have about urea post-treatment?
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Urea box so dirty do not pay attention to damage after treatment

I believe that many people have the same feeling. We have been particularly prone to using all kinds of covers to protect our equipment, such as the TV sofa at home, the seats in the car, and even our mobile phone with a thick shell. This kind of behavior is regarded as a domestic characteristic and has aroused discussion on the Internet.

Abroad began to sell urea mouth protective cover

Soon at the time of the inquiry information found that foreign also have this habit, a company actually peddled on the Internet urea cover protective cover equipment.

It is understood that this equipment is mainly to ensure that the urea box cover and the surrounding area is clean, to ensure that before adding urea, there is no debris around the urea filling mouth.

The polluted and not pure urea is easy to cause the failure of the expensive urea post-treatment system. The cover is buckled on the top of the urea filling port and is fixed on the urea filling port with an elastic rubber belt. The disposable design can be easily pulled down when the urea is filled, and can be replaced with a new one.

The cover is made of durable polyethylene material, and the striking blue paint and logo also help to distinguish the urea box from the fuel tank to avoid inadvertent filling.

Small urea box should also pay attention to maintenance

1. After the urea alarm lamp alarms, it is necessary to fill the urea solution. Clean the outer surface of the urea filling cover first, and open the urea filling cover with the key

2. If white crystals are found at the vent valve or the filling port during irregular inspection, rinse with clean water or wipe with wet cloth;

3. Check whether the plugins and pipe joints are in good condition from time to time; 

4. If the vent valve is found to be blocked, it can be unscrewed and cleaned with clean water or replaced; 

5. Clean the urea tank once every 12 months: open the bottom of the urea tank to drain the water plug for cleaning, and release the sediment in the tank.

6. However, it should be noted that tap water should not be used to clean parts of the SCR system. Pure water must be used to avoid contamination of the SCR system.

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