Turning Should Be small-3 Most Important Things
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Truck turning is a great test of the driver’s skills and experience. If the technology is not familiar or the operation is slightly improper, it will lead to accidents. Today, we will talk about the considerations of turning.


Truck turning considerations

  • Truck drivers must drive slowly, especially when turning, must be slowed down in advance, only slower to pass safely, or turn the wrong can be corrected in time. On the contrary, if the cornering speed is too fast, it is easy to appear dangerous.
  • In the corner, be sure to look in the rear-view mirror, judging well behind the car or no one behind the side before turning. This is because a lot of experienced drivers do not care too much, which can easily lead to traffic accidents.
  • When turning, the steering wheel control is very important. If you want to turn a small corner, beat the steering wheel as far as possible, and then slowly back in the right direction after the corner. Want to take a big turn, you have to slow play in the direction can.
  • Pay attention to the dead center of the corner, newcomers in the corner will often look up not down, look left not right, resulting in ignoring the dead center of the corner, easy to press to the road cornerstone or scrapes. Be sure to look at the obstacles below the rearview mirror, and if necessary, should open the door to take a look before turning.
  • Left turn as far as possible to turn a larger range. Because some vehicles will also come out on the road you want to turn in, then in order to avoid other dangers such as obstruction or collision, you should try to turn in a little further away.
  • When turning right, sometimes encountering straight ahead will be driving vehicles, such as intersections, then you want to turn a small turn, so as not to affect the normal driving of straight ahead vehicles, otherwise, it will hinder others.
  • The longer the body, the larger the turning range, and the more dangerous. In large trucks and construction vehicles, due to the body being tall, a right turn is easy produce a visual blind spot. Because the driver sits on the left side of the driver’s seat, only with the rearview mirror to observe the right rear, the visual range is limited, electric vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians are small, and the driver may not even see them, once stepped into the inner wheel of the visual blind spot range, it faces danger.
  • Non-motorized vehicles when the light is green, do not rush to overtake the vehicle being turned, and do not overtake the crosswalk at the red light.
  • In the trajectory of the front and rear wheels of motor vehicles, there will always be the inner wheel difference, remember: the turn will always have a warning.
  • If the turn feels bad vision, the curve radius of curvature is small, then make the vehicle run against the outside of the lane, that is, the right turn when the car is close to the road centerline driving.
  • During daily driving, road shape is particularly unclear, should control the speed, honk the horn diligently, and always choose the front of the road base solid, wider road surface location to travel.
  • If the turn feels clear vision, and there is no obstacle, take a “cut corner” driving, reducing the amount of rotation of the steering wheel, thereby reducing the centrifugal force.
  • Town streets or access to the gate of the turn. Before the turn in 50-100 meters slow down, with turn signals to indicate the direction of travel, to do “a slow, two look, three through”, pay close attention to the inside of the car turn, beware of the roadside parallel and unknown car direction of travel of pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles compete for the road.
  • Left turn, truck drivers to see the road signs, turn signal in advance, turn as far as possible on the left side of the road, for the back of the car, and the right turn to provide convenience.
  • Right turn the same turn signal, and turn slowly while paying attention to the turning angle into and out of the turn to prevent the right rear wheel out of the road, rubbing pedestrians and obstacles.
  • The driver driving in foggy weather turning must have a good idea, early opening of the headlights and anti-fog lights, moderate use of the horn to draw the attention of pedestrians and other vehicles, slowly forward, and always ready to brake and stop.
  • Many of our friends drive carefully on the road and let their guard down when they arrive at the unloading location. In fact, many suspension, friction and collision accidents can occur during the unloading process, so you should not let your guard down before stopping. Remember the saying “Danger is everywhere, safety is in your heart”!
  • The three volt days have arrived, the hot temperature is easy to make people grumpy. I hope the card users can learn from the above experience. When backing up, be sure to observe the ground and the road. Be calm and take your time when operating. Do not try to save time and fall down with a large angle and deep throttle. Only safety can produce benefits. Today, with the traffic market so depressed, whoever has such a thing, he will understand.
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