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Analysis Of 12 Major Structural Damage Cases Of Truck Tire Problems

As an important part of the vehicle, the performance of truck tire is directly related to the load capacity and wear resistance of the truck. Various problems will inevitably occur during driving because of its poor use environment. Among them, there are normal wear and tear, but also structural damage.

Analysis Of 12 Major Structural Damage Cases Of Truck Tire Problems
  • As a tire operator, these problems must be understood clearly to avoid being at a loss when the tire appears.
  • Because many problems of the tire have nothing to do with the quality of the tire itself, it is because the driver’s bad driving habits or external factors cause tire damage. If not clear, it is easy to cause disputes between both parties and affect the business of the store.
  • Here, we can take appropriate preventive measures by analyzing the causes and types of tire wear. On the one hand, it can remind drivers to take precautions early to avoid unnecessary losses; On the other hand, it can effectively improve the service quality of the store, increase the driver’s stickiness to the store, so as to increase the store traffic, which can be described as double benefits with one stone.
  • Of course, specific problems still need professional identification. Here we can only introduce some of the most common structural damage cases and relevant analysis for reference.

1. Side Bulge Explosion Caused By Cutting Of Sub Mouth

Features: the steel wire of the carcass reverse wrapped cord fabric at the sub opening is cut, resulting in radial bulging and blasting of the corresponding sidewall of truck tire problems.

Cause: the sub mouth was cut by a sharp tool, resulting in the fracture of the carcass reverse wrapped cord steel wire at the sub mouth. Under the action of pressure, the end point of the broken carcass steel wire continues to stretch and flex, resulting in the radial bulge explosion of the sidewall and the fracture of the steel wire.

2. Sidewall Puncture Of Truck Tire Problems

Features: the sidewall of the tire is irregularly cracked, with stab wounds, scratches, or obvious foreign matter extrusion marks of truck tire problems.

Cause: the sidewall is stabbed by sharp tools when driving, or when the two tires are used together, there is a foreign object between the two tires.

3. Abnormal Wear

Features: irregular wear of crown.

Reasons: the tires are not regularly transposed, the vehicle condition is poor, the directional tires are not installed regularly, the rim is inappropriate, the enterprise is abnormal and other factors.

4. Stab Blasting

Features: sidewall sector blasting, with obvious stab marks at the crown corresponding to the blasting of truck tire problems.

Cause: the crown was stabbed and the carcass cord fabric was stabbed, resulting in cracks in the carcass cord fabric from inside to outside, and burst from the cracks under the action of pressure.

5. Stab Delamination

Features: sharp objects stab the steel wire with belt layer in the crown, and the shoulder rubber is separated from the steel wire belt layer.

Cause: sharp objects stabbed the belt steel wire at the tire crown, resulting in the infiltration of water, ash and sand. The user did not check and deal with it in time, resulting in rust and delamination at the end of the belt.

6. Crown Top Explosion

Features: the crown is a strong tear blasting.

Cause: when the tire is running under overload, high speed and high pressure, it is strongly impacted by obstacles, causing explosion of truck tire problems.

7. Impact Explosion

Features: the crown is blasted, corresponding to the “I” shaped crack on the inner side.

Cause: when driving, the crown burst due to the strong impact of uneven road surface or obstacles.

8. Side Tire Abrasion

Features: the tire shoulder is abraded in the circumferential direction, and the tire cord can be seen of truck tire problems.

Cause: when driving, it was abraded by hard objects on the road, and the service conditions were extremely poor. Auto parts butted against the side of the carcass, resulting in circumferential mechanical abrasion.

9. Pattern Hard Injury

Features: the crown pattern is stabbed by sharp objects, and the belt layer can be seen at the damage of truck tire problems.

Cause: when driving on bad roads, the tread is cut by bad sharp tools, or the crown rubber is scratched, resulting in crack of pattern groove or falling of crown rubber.

10. Piercing Blasting

Features: sidewall “zipper” blasting, with obvious prick and scratch marks at the blasting site or the corresponding crown of truck tire problems.

Cause: the sidewall or corresponding crown of the tire is stabbed, resulting in the fracture of the steel cord of the carcass, the decrease of strength and the explosion.

11. Pierce

Features: the fetal crown is punctured, and the cord in the fetus is partially broken and separated from the carcass of truck tire problems.

Cause: when driving, sharp tools on the road pierced the carcass, causing local steel wire fracture of the carcass.

12. Carcass Cord Broken

Features: the cord in the tire is broken all around.

Cause: the tire is crushed and fractured due to insufficient air pressure of truck tire problems.

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