The Truck Smartphone Diagnostic Instrument Will Teach You...
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The Truck Smartphone Diagnostic Instrument Will Teach You How To Use It In 1 Minute

To use the truck smartphone diagnostic instrument, the following operations need to be done: 1 Click the “intelligent diagnosis” button, 2 Enter basic information and controller model, 3 Input vehicle information, 4 Fault code module view fault details, 5 Parameter monitoring data flow, 6 Dynamic test module status, 7 Modify injector code according to QR / IQA information of truck smartphone.

We have made a series of introductions to the new generation of after-sales service diagnosis and repair system – intelligent diagnosis and repair business jointly developed by FAW liberation and yukuai Chuangling. I believe everyone has also basically understood what intelligent diagnosis and repair is, how to connect mobile phones and trucks, how to register accounts and download apps, and also understood the powerful advantages of smart phone diagnostic instrument. Today we’ll talk, One click diagnosis and intelligent diagnosis functions of smart phone diagnostic instrument of truck smartphone.

After connecting the mobile app, smartphone diagnostic instrument and vehicle through the correct connection method and confirming that there is no error, you can enter this interface. The upper part is the “one click diagnosis” option and the lower part is the “intelligent diagnosis” option low ash engine of truck smartphone…

One Click Diagnosis Can Quickly Read The Fault Information Of Truck Smartphone

The one key diagnosis function is to read the fault codes of all electronic control units loaded on the vehicle according to the vehicle VIN code. If you directly click one key diagnosis, the fault of the whole vehicle controller will be diagnosed. The more accurate diagnosis function is mainly integrated on the intelligent diagnosis key of truck smartphone..

Intelligent Diagnosis Is More Specific Of Truck Smartphone

Intelligent diagnosis is to connect a single assembly sensor loaded on the vehicle for fault diagnosis. It can read the basic information of a single sensor, read and clear fault codes, detect assembly parameters, conduct dynamic test, or / IQA information and other functions. What we are talking about today is the intelligent diagnosis function of truck smartphone..

Click the “intelligent diagnosis” button to enter this interface. We can clearly see that the intelligent diagnosis module includes six main functions: basic information, vehicle information, parameter detection, fault code, dynamic test and or / IQA information. These six functions can basically cover truck diagnosis, brushing and monitoring, which is very powerful of truck smartphone.

The Controller Model Is Required For Basic Information Entry

The function of basic information is to assist the technician to identify the vehicle and controller information. Generally, it is used for the instrument to light the fault light and report the fault code. If the controller model and data version cannot be confirmed, it is necessary to record the version number before brushing the data, or to request the assistance of others, it is necessary to report the controller model information of truck smartphone.

There are four key information that should be paid attention to in this function, namely:


1. Vehicle identification code, used to confirm vehicle information;


2. Model of the controller and judge which manufacturer the controller is made by;


3. ECU Hardware number to judge ECU Hardware information;


4. The data version number determines the program data version of the current ECU.

Input And Read More Detailed Parameters Of Vehicle Information

The function of vehicle information is to read the vehicle parameters written in the controller. For example, it can be read and written in the engine ECU, and can be read in VIN, ein and BCM, and can turn on and off all kinds of light switches of truck smartphone.

This function is generally used to re write the original vehicle configuration parameter value after brushing the data or replacing the controller of truck smartphone.

Displaying Fault Codes Is More Efficient For Diagnosis

The fault code module is mainly used by the service technician to read and clear the fault code.

This function is generally used when the vehicle fails, but the instrument cannot analyze the failure in combination with data; After troubleshooting, quickly clear the instrument fault code of truck smartphone.

The steps are:

1. Click “fault code”;

2. Enter the fault code list. By default, the current status is read. Click the drop-down menu at the top to switch the reading history;

3. View the list of current / historical fault codes, click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner to clear it, and click a fault code to view “fault details”;

4. In “fault details”, you can view the data flow status under the status of frozen frame and retaining wall fault code, as well as the fault level, description, phenomenon and troubleshooting method. (for detailed usage of fault code module, we will introduce it in detail in the next article)

Monitor The Data Flow To Analyze The Fault

Parameter monitoring is mainly used to monitor the data flow. It can also be sent online to others with wechat and QQ to assist in viewing and analysis.

This function generally performs Troubleshooting Analysis on the corresponding data stream during troubleshooting.

The parameter reading steps are as follows:

1. Click “parameter monitoring”;

2. Select the parameters to be read, click “△” in the upper right corner to start reading, accurately find the parameters, and use the search function;

3. View the read value of the selected parameter and its change;

4. You can click “icon mode” to view the parameter value change curve.

In addition to reading parameters step by step, the parameter monitoring function also uses online template reading, CSV file viewing, CSV file sharing and other functions, which will be described in detail in a special article in the future.

Dynamic Test Vehicle Judgment Test Module

The dynamic test function is to temporarily launch the test information to the electronic control system on the vehicle through the diagnostic instrument, and judge whether the tested module is abnormal through the action response or parameter change of the real vehicle of truck smartphone.

The test conditions, steps and purposes of each test will be displayed in the middle of the operation page. You must check them carefully during the test. The test mainly includes five categories: input value test, switch test, DPF regeneration test and writing DPF information after replacing ECU. The specific operation steps will be reflected in the special content.

There Are Restrictions On The Use Of Qr / Iqa Information

QR / IQA information reading and writing are mainly for engine fuel injectors. Generally, the corresponding codes of each cylinder need to be written after replacing ECU or brushing ECU data.


QR / IQA information writing steps:

1. Click the “QR / IQA information” function icon to read out the original injector code after entering;

2. Manually select the cylinder to be modified;

3. Enter the correct code and click “write” in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. The interface prompts that success means successful writing.


Emancipating the intelligent diagnosis and repair function is very comprehensive and powerful. If we break all the pieces together, we can write tens of thousands of words. So we will disassemble and analyze all kinds of functions. Today we introduce the repair function as a whole. Please lock the official account of “fish fast truck” and “emancipation and intelligence repair” service. We will continue to output the contents of intelligent diagnosis and repair.

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