There Are Many "Greasy" Truck Maintenance! It'S Important To
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There Are Many "Greasy" Truck Maintenance! It'S Important To Avoid The Pit!

In recent years, China’s growing logistics industry has driven the trillion market scale of highway transportation, which also means the rise of truck ownership. As an important means of transportation, trucks often go in and out of the maintenance station due to heavy load, long-distance running and vulnerable consumption, and a large number of maintenance problems also follow of truck maintenance.

There Are Many Greasy Truck Maintenance! It'S Important To Avoid The Pit!

As a tool for more than 30 million truck drivers to support their families, the quality of vehicles always affects their hearts. However, driven by interests, there are “greasy” situations in the process of truck maintenance from time to time of truck maintenance.

Kayou'S Maintenance "History Of Blood And Tears" Of Truck Maintenance

  • Case 1: “lose your armor” of truck maintenance.
  • Talking about the problem of truck maintenance, Wang Chongyang, a heavy truck master from Henan, was very indignant. He changed a 500 horsepower heavy truck of a certain brand in July last year, and encountered the situation that the maintenance personnel “lost their armor” during a repair of truck maintenance.
  • “He said it doesn’t matter if the screw is not tightened, and it doesn’t matter if the small part is lost. The whole vehicle has no big hair disease, but the small conditions continue. Take me for the ‘air pump’, before the vehicle started, there was no noise at all, but now there is often ‘stress’. Sometimes the sound is very harsh, sometimes there is no sound, and until now I haven’t figured out the noise The source of. “
  • Wang Chongyang told reporters that in the process of maintenance, of truck maintenance repairmen often “lose their armor”. Either a part is missing here or there are more things there. Although there are few major problems with the vehicle, there are still small problems. Finally, the problems can not be solved, and the maintenance costs are a lot of money of truck maintenance.
  • Case 2: “starting price of land sitting”
  • Sichuan kayou Wu Fangping has encountered the maintenance event of starting price from sitting on the ground. According to Wu Fangping, he was responsible for the express business line from Hangzhou to Kunming. When the vehicle was in the high-speed service area, it suddenly couldn’t catch fire. After many inspections, he didn’t find the reason, so he contacted the local service station, which said that he had to pay more for maintenance, otherwise he wouldn’t contact the rescue. “At that time, my car was still under warranty. Free maintenance was within the scope of the agreement and should not be added.”
  • Wu Fangping told reporters that at that time, he complained to the truck headquarters of the brand, and there was no reasonable solution. “In the end, I had to pay more. After all, if I delayed for an hour, I would compensate the logistics company 600 yuan. This kind of sitting on the ground starting price event is too annoying.” Wu Fangping said.
  • Case 3: “replacing repair with replacement” of truck maintenance
  • In order to let reporters better understand the meaning of “replacement repair”, Liang Jintian heavy truck master from Hunan explained that “replacement repair” is a problem with a part of the vehicle, which can be solved by simple repair, but the repairman magnified the problem and “fooled” card friends to replace parts, so as to make more money of truck maintenance.
  • “When I first entered this industry, I often encountered this situation because I was not very familiar with the vehicle.” Liang Jintian told reporters, “many repair shops have quotas. In order to achieve the sales target of this month, they disguise themselves as’ selling accessories’ in this way, which has always been a bad phenomenon in the repair industry.
  • ”In Liang Jintian’s view, trucks are mainly long-distance transportation, and many card friends’ maintenance in different places is also a one hammer deal. Some unscrupulous businesses take the opportunity to kill customers.
  • Case 4: “injury of accessories” of truck maintenance
  • The chaos in the accessories market also makes He Guohua, a heavy truck driver in Hebei, very helpless. He told reporters that in the process of repairing the car, we will encounter shoddy parts, especially foreign sports cars. We should be very careful to go to the repair shop to replace parts.
  • “Fake and shoddy parts are a common problem in the industry,” He Guohua said. “Now there are many truck brands and the situation of maintenance stations is different. Selling fake parts is common. Now some accessories as like as two peas are not properly tested, but the quality is not reliable.

Management Difficulties Of Heavy Truck 4s Stores

Wang Fuli (pseudonym), who works in a heavy truck 4S store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, told reporters that not long ago, a user angrily came to the door and directly found the boss, saying that the engine of the car broke down just after maintenance. If you don’t know, you’ll be surprised. It turned out that the maintenance hours employed in the store would “cut corners” from time to time of truck maintenance..

For example, when changing engine oil, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the old engine oil in the engine should be discharged first, and then one large bucket and three small buckets of new engine oil should be added. However, for personal gain, the repairman only released a part of the old engine oil in the engine and added two barrels of new engine oil. The remaining new engine oil was quietly hidden and sold cheaply. “After checking, I learned that the manufacturer secretly sold the oil with the original price of 400 yuan and the repairman sold it for 300 yuan

。” Wang Fuli said, “This incident was exposed when the repairman made a mistake in ‘cutting corners’ and caused damage to the user’s vehicle. This incident not only damaged the interests of the user, but also damaged the image of our 4S store and the reputation of the manufacturer. For this reason, the boss dismissed the repairman and replaced the user with a new engine at his own expense.”

Wang Fuli also stressed that after the event, the heavy truck 4S store updated its management system, wrote the number on the machine oil bucket, and the repairman must take photos and register when receiving the oil. After changing the oil for the user, he must return the bucket and check the number. “We have strengthened management and assessment to strictly prevent such incidents.” He said of truck maintenance.

How To Avoid Being "Pit"? All Parties Come To Offer Advice

  1. For a long time, automobile product complaints account for an important proportion of consumer complaints. However, the number of rights protection and complaints in the field of commercial vehicles is very few. Does less complaint mean no problem? Not necessarily of truck maintenance.
  2. The reports released by some rights protection institutions are mainly collected through the Internet. Because the majority of card friends are not good at using the Internet, the rights protection channels are not smooth, coupled with the lack of rights protection awareness and means, they can only swallow their anger when they are “trapped”.
  3. So, how to avoid the “big pit” in the maintenance process? Industry insiders give suggestions.
  4. Wang Fuli suggested: “I hope card friends can buy engine oil and other products from formal channels instead of cheap ones from private hands, such as maintenance workers. The origin of these cheap engine oil is unknown. Even if they get cheap for a while, the consequences of these illegal operations will still fall on card friends, and the gains outweigh the losses.”
  5. “I think the problem mainly comes from some self operated maintenance stations. They may create all kinds of small problems in order to grasp the revenue. In the face of maintenance in other places, some maintenance stations are also easy to sit on the ground and start to” pit “the majority of card users.
  6. ”Zhang Danian (pseudonym), the stationmaster of an automobile sales Service Co., Ltd. in Lianyungang, believes that 4S stores are different from self operated maintenance stations. They will not make profits through “pit” card friends. On the contrary, they hope that the fewer times card friends come, the better.
  7. “First of all, this shows that our trucks are of excellent quality. Making more cars’ million kilometers without overhaul ‘is the goal we have been challenging of truck maintenance.
  8. Secondly, during the vehicle maintenance period, we will perform the maintenance responsibility in strict accordance with the agreement at the time of purchase. Many parts under maintenance are free, and regular maintenance within one or two years is also free. Naturally, we hope that after you buy the car, the less trouble you have in terms of maintenance, the better. Of course, if you come to us, we will repair it as soon as possible. “
  9. “Now our accessories are traceable.” Jia Kaicheng, deputy general manager of Chongqing Branch of China Heavy Truck Group, told reporters, “some illegal vendors sell some accessories or assemblies of unknown origin to deceive consumers in order to make huge profits.
  10. Although the appearance of these parts is very similar to that of the original parts, the quality is not up to standard, which not only affects the normal use of the vehicle, but also poses potential safety hazards to card users.
  11. ”It is understood that at present, many mainstream heavy truck brands have launched their own spare parts app. Truck users can query the authenticity of spare parts through the app. At the same time, it also has the functions of one click repair, financial services, second-hand car replacement and so on.
  12. In order to make the majority of card users reasonably avoid the “pit”, Jia Kaicheng also suggested that users should buy heavy card products of large brands from the beginning. First, the quality is trustworthy, and secondly, the service is guaranteed. At the same time, in the maintenance process, try not to be greedy for cheap. The maintenance means that seem cheap may not be cheap in fact.
  13. Wang Kaiming (a pseudonym), the person in charge of a brand heavy truck 4S sales service center in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, said that now major brands strongly support the development of the after-sales market in order to compete with customers.
  14. A lot of manpower and material resources have been invested in the training of maintenance talents. “The maintenance personnel of our enterprise will have a series of training before they take up their posts, and they must take up their posts with certificates. After the products with the latest technology are on the market, we will arrange technical training in advance to ensure that the soldiers and horses do not move and the food and grass go first.”
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