Truck Head Parts The Most Attractive Sinotruk Price List in 2023
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Howo Cabin The Latest Price List Of Sinotruk In 2023
The Latest Howo Cabin Price List Of Sinotruk In 2023
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The Most Attractive Sinotruk Truck Head Parts Price List

Truck Head Parts The Most Attractive Sinotruk Price List
No. Application Part Name Part No. Price
1 cab Damper- Truck Head Parts WG9725680014 ¥75.00
2 cab Bumper Left Assembly- Truck Head Parts 810W41610-5599 ¥290.00
3 cab Bumper middle section assembly- Truck Head Parts 810W41610-5663 ¥320.00
4 cab Right Bumper Assembly 810W41610-5600 ¥290.00
5 cab Rear brake drum WG9761450002 ¥380.00
6 cab Washer Assembly 810W26481-6049 ¥65.00
7 cab Control Panel Assembly 712W61942-0630 ¥220.00
8 cab Air Conditioning Filter Assembly- Truck Head Parts 711W61900-0051 ¥51.94
9 cab Reed Nut- Truck Head Parts WG1664230057 ¥0.33
10 cab Forming Tube- Truck Head Parts 810W26481-0078 ¥10.00
11 cab Air pressure signal light switch 811W25503-0275 ¥30.00
12 cab Indoor temperature sensor assembly WG1630820313 ¥15.00
13 cab Spring Washer Q40306F31 ¥0.03
14 cab Right bracket assembly- Truck Head Parts 710W41610-5498 ¥55.00
15 cab Hexagon socket flower countersunk head screws WG1664210091 ¥0.38
16 cab Hexagon socket cheese head screws Q2100816F31 ¥1.20
17 cab Flat Washer Q40108F31 ¥0.04
18 cab Center air outlet assembly 812W61950-6061 ¥110.00
19 cab Elastic retaining ring MQ6W29059-0026 ¥1.20
20 cab Hexagon socket flower-shaped cheese head screws Q2100620F31 ¥1.30
21 cab Hexagon head bolts Q150B0625F31 ¥0.10
22 cab Split retaining ring Q43660F31 ¥1.00
23 cab Flat washers Q40105 ¥0.03
24 cab Type 1 hexagonal nuts Q340B05 ¥0.03
25 cab Cab front suspension swing arm assembly- Truck Head Parts 810-41715-6016 ¥1,100.00
26 cab Left rear fender bracket assembly- Truck Head Parts 810W61210-0673TW0001 ¥230.00
27 cab Controller + remote control 712W28230-0013 ¥340.00
28 cab Cross recessed pan head screws Q2140616F31 ¥0.10
29 cab Passenger side door controller 712W28230-6044 ¥250.00
30 cab Type I hexagonal nuts-Truck Head Parts Q340B08F31 ¥0.09
31 cab Large washer- Truck Head Parts Q40210F31 ¥0.18
32 cab Wiper Blade- Truck Head Parts 810W26440-0063 ¥29.68
33 cab Intercooler assembly 812W06100-0004 ¥850.00
34 cab Hexagonal flange face bolt M8 ZQ1840830 ¥0.27
35 cab Spring pin-Truck Head Parts 199100520065 ¥9.00
36 cab Wiper motor assembly-Truck Head Parts 810W26401-6143 ¥113.84
37 cab Left door door control switch 812W28230-6010 ¥120.00
38 cab Height control valve assembly WG1642440051 ¥80.18
39 cab Right door control switch 812W28230-6012 ¥120.00
40 cab Cab Front Suspension Air Spring Damper Assembly 712W41722-6022 ¥499.62
41 cab Cab Rear Suspension Air Spring Damper Assembly 712W41722-6032 ¥401.75
42 cab Rotary light switch WG9918580039 ¥70.00
43 cab Wing skid plate I 810W61511-0001 ¥117.68
44 cab Wing skid plate II 810W61510-0273 ¥134.30
45 cab Wide body quick-insert oil cylinder 811W41723-6020 ¥760.50
46 cab Right-mounted quick-insert large electric oil pump 811W41723-6008 ¥579.00
47 cab Double-bend quick-insert hose A(1250) 811W41723-6030 ¥63.95
48 cab Double-bend quick-insert hose B(1250) 811W41723-6031 ¥63.95
49 cab Radiator assembly 812W06100-0003 ¥890.00
50 cab Large radiator assembly WG9925530136 ¥1,399.25
51 cab Large intercooler assembly WG9925530137 ¥1,439.00
52 cab Wiper assembly 810W26400-6355 ¥152.82
53 cab Radiator water outlet hose 712W96301-0016 ¥52.44
54 cab ABS sensor (WABCO) WG9160710522 ¥42.28
55 cab Front windshield glass 810W62450-0078 ¥290.00
56 cab Expansion tank assembly 812W06125-0001 ¥257.82
57 cab Left rear wheel ABS sensor 810W27120-6182 ¥134.54
58 cab Expansion tank level sensor assembly 812W06125-0002 ¥45.41
59 cab Right Rear ABS Sensor 810W27120-6183 ¥134.54
60 cab Pressure cap assembly 752W06101-0005 ¥17.12
61 cab Left side combination switch 811W25509-0145 ¥133.09
62 cab Water level sensor WG9925550967 ¥82.37
63 cab Air conditioning filter assembly 711W61900-0050 ¥22.00
64 cab Electrical junction box assembly WG9716582301 ¥376.54
65 cab NanoBCU controller WG9716582011 ¥314.09
66 cab ECAS height sensor WG9925715101 ¥127.45
67 cab Side marker light WG9925720014 ¥11.87
68 cab Work light 712W25103-6001 ¥53.72
69 cab LED headlight assembly 812W25101-6021 ¥1,189.00
70 cab LED headlight assembly 812W25101-6022 ¥1,189.00
71 cab Left front combination headlight assembly- Truck Head Parts 812W25320-6001 ¥173.82
72 cab Right front combination headlight assembly 812W25320-6002 ¥173.82
73 cab Left functional combination taillight with side marker lamp WG9925810001 ¥127.45
74 cab Right functional combination taillight with side marker lamp WG9925810002 ¥127.45
75 cab Metal fuel tank lock cover assembly 712W12210-0101/2 ¥74.49
76 cab Automotive rear module WG9716583013 ¥230.74
77 cab Automotive trailer module WG9716583014 ¥242.52
78 cab New preheat relay WG9725584024 ¥54.65
79 cab Quadrilateral main mechanism WG9918788104 ¥483.51
80 cab C7 right rear view mirror assembly 712W63730-0005 ¥366.00
81 cab Four-channel safety valve WG9000360523 ¥124.29
82 cab Air drying unit (1.0MPa with control hole) WG9000360571 ¥348.74
83 cab Pressure reducing valve (1.0 to 0.85MPa) WG9000360549 ¥118.65
84 cab Muffler WG9719360035 ¥41.73
85 cab Handbrake valve WG9000360595 ¥154.71
86 cab Muffler WG9719360032 ¥41.73
87 cab 0.6 MPa relief valve without backflow WG9000360519 ¥42.82
88 cab Distribution valve WG9000360515 ¥128.40
89 cab EBS3 front axle module WG9000360551 ¥2,126.00
90 cab ECAS solenoid valve WG9000360531 ¥645.19
91 cab Auxiliary gas distribution module NG12/6-NG8 WG9000361404 ¥22.40
92 cab Front Wheel Covers WG9925610060 ¥126.62
93 cab Wheel stud protection cover WG9112610085 ¥1.53
94 cab Wheel nuts- Truck Head Parts WG9525410010 ¥4.95
95 cab Shock absorbers WG9925688101 ¥231.39
96 cab Breather lock assembly 810W61140-6006 ¥10.52
97 cab Fan bracket assembly 201-06600-6117 ¥719.60
98 cab Oil injection nozzle assembly 812W01810-6210 ¥44.02
99 cab Wiper arm assembly 810W26430-6068 ¥35.00
100 cab Wiper assembly 810W26400-6353 ¥152.88
101 cab Interior temperature sensor WG1630820313/5 ¥13.83
102 cab Front lower view mirror assembly 812W63730-6656 ¥103.36
103 cab Manual cab steering switch assembly WG9925820110 ¥72.51
104 cab L32 series front suspension coil spring shock absorber assembly 811W41722-6022 ¥142.52
105 cab L32/40 Series Cab Rear Suspension Coil Spring Damper Assembly 811W41722-6032 ¥156.91
106 cab Hydraulic lock assembly- Truck Head Parts 810W61851-6030 ¥150.71
107 cab C7 left rearview mirror assembly 712W63730-0021 ¥468.48
108 cab C7 right rearview mirror assembly- Truck Head Parts 712W63730-0025 ¥468.48
109 cab Socket- Truck Head Parts WG9718770053 ¥21.67
110 cab 40A normally open relay T5G/T7H WG9716582301+009 ¥15.18
111 cab 40A duplex relay T5G/T7H WG9716582301+010 ¥18.98
112 cab 70A Normally Open Relay T5G/T7H WG9716582301+011 ¥20.72
113 cab 40A conversion relay T5G/T7H WG9716582301+013 ¥14.37
114 cab Rear outline light (left/wiring harness 1200) (T5G) WG9925720045 ¥19.19
115 cab Rear Profile Light (Right/Harness 1200) (T5G) WG9925720046 ¥19.19
116 cab ECAS remote control WG9925585110 ¥263.73
117 cab 20A fuse- Truck Head Parts WG9725580018 ¥3.94
118 cab ECAS Right Transverse Pendulum WG9925715113 ¥22.49
119 cab ECAS left cross swing lever WG9925715114 ¥22.49
120 cab ECAS connecting lever WG9925715112 ¥14.85
121 cab Potted electric horn- Truck Head Parts WG9925710001 ¥25.13
122 cab Reverse buzzer- Truck Head Parts WG9618713101 ¥23.84
123 cab 120Ω resistor- Truck Head Parts WG9725584005 ¥4.55
124 cab 5A waterproof fuse- Truck Head Parts WG9725580042 ¥7.72
125 cab Air dryer tank (WABCO) WG9000360521+001 ¥156.51
126 cab Gas pedal assembly- Truck Head Parts 811W25970-6103 ¥278.60
127 cab Rotary vane pump- Truck Head Parts 712W47101-2016 ¥473.16
128 cab ZF8098 Power steering system 711W46200-6411 ¥3,718.51
129 cab Longitudinal rotating steering rod 811W46611-6198 ¥420.90
130 cab Rear stabilizer assembly WG9719680006 ¥371.80
131 cab Rubber bearing- Truck Head Parts WG9100680067 ¥20.61
132 cab Front shock absorber- Truck Head Parts WG9925680028 ¥132.22
133 cab Left headlight assembly 811W25101-6001 ¥496.19
134 cab Right headlight assembly 811W25101-6002 ¥496.19
135 cab C7H-TFT fuel combination unit WG9716582214 ¥1,061.00
136 cab MCS rotary knob- Truck Head Parts WG9918580013 ¥21.68
137 cab Solenoid valve for air horn WG9718710003 ¥26.26
138 cab Handbrake valve 811W52315-6156 ¥186.43
139 cab Brake light switch- Truck Head Parts 811W25503-0001 ¥88.59
140 cab Main clutch pump- Truck Head Parts 711W30715-6152 ¥115.01
141 cab Relay valve- Truck Head Parts WG9000360524 ¥99.66
142 cab Bumper- Truck Head Parts 812W41610-0306 ¥1,101.58
143 cab Lower left decorative bumper panel 812W41610-0227 ¥48.04
144 cab Lower right decorative bumper panel-Truck Head Parts 812W41610-0228 ¥44.36
145 cab Upper bumper panel- Truck Head Parts MQ6W07219-0014 ¥0.65
146 cab Left side fan guide housing left 812W62410-6031 ¥244.00
147 cab Right side fan guide housing 812W62410-6030 ¥216.84
148 cab Right side mounting bracket 812W62440-0050 ¥74.19
149 cab Left side mounting bracket 812W62440-0049 ¥74.19
150 cab Left side drain guard- Truck Head Parts 810W62410-0069 ¥5.94
151 cab Right side drainage panel 810W62410-0070 ¥5.94
152 cab Right side decorative bumper panel 812W41610-0022 ¥30.46
153 cab Left decorative bumper panel 812W41610-0021 ¥30.46
154 cab Decorative liner for radiator breather 812W61150-0113 ¥154.77
155 cab Elongated left wing panel 810W61510-0411 ¥230.00
156 cab Elongated right wing panel 810W61510-0410 ¥115.58
157 cab Pedal stopper-Truck Head Parts 810W61510-0822 ¥5.41
158 cab Anti-slip pedal plate 810W61510-5187 ¥65.23
159 cab Side cover for tool box assembly 810W66912-5289 ¥184.00
160 cab Tension pin- Truck Head Parts 810W97461-0012 ¥12.68
161 cab Urea tank assembly WG9925565001 ¥293.41
162 cab Side rubber strips- AZ9925541030 ¥5.32
163 cab Left inner fender- 812W61230-0205 ¥77.16
164 cab Right inner fender- 812W61230-0206 ¥77.16
165 cab Front linkage cross member assembly 711W41280-5282 ¥266.05
166 cab Left channel for wiring harness 811W25424-5009 ¥15.35
167 cab Right channel for wiring harness 811W25424-5010 ¥14.44
168 cab Protective cover-Truck Head Parts 811W62410-0073 ¥95.93
169 cab Protective cover for penetration box-Truck Head Parts 811W62410-0077 ¥23.70
170 cab Spring pad mechanism for hood 810W61140-0016 ¥32.75
171 cab Left radiator bracket-Truck Head Parts YG9625530101 ¥87.54
172 cab Right radiator bracket YG9625530102 ¥87.54
The Importance of Truck Head Parts
  • Heavy-duty trucks are an integral part of the transportation industry, handling the movement of goods and materials between cities and countries. These trucks require specialized components, including Truck Head Parts or cab components, to ensure their proper operation. The front end of the truck is equipped with the engine, transmission and various components that contribute to the performance and safety of the vehicle.
  • A heavy-duty Truck Head Parts is responsible for the truck’s ruggedness, stability and overall performance. The front end contains the engine, which is the heart of the truck and is responsible for generating the energy that powers the vehicle, and Truck Head Parts also includes the transmission, which transfers the energy to the wheels and allows the truck to move.
  • In addition to the engine and transmission, Truck Head Parts also includes many other important components such as the radiator, air conditioning system, power steering pump and electrical system. Each of these components plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of the vehicle, and the failure of any one of them can lead to major problems.
  • The radiator is critical in keeping the engine cool and stable, preventing overheating, and ensuring engine longevity. Air conditioning systems keep drivers comfortable while driving in hot weather conditions, while power steering pumps help maneuver the truck in tight spaces.
  • The electrical system in the Heavy Duty Truck Head Parts is responsible for providing power to the various components and systems of the vehicle. These systems range from headlights, taillights and other lighting components to the electronic sensors and controls that monitor the health of the engine and other essential systems.
  • Ensuring that heavy-duty Truck Head Parts are in good working order is critical to driver safety, proper vehicle performance and the overall profitability of your transportation business. A damaged or malfunctioning Truck Head Parts can lead to significant downtime, heavy repair costs, and even accidents, all of which can hurt the bottom line of any transportation company.
  • To maintain front-end reliability, regular maintenance and inspections are recommended, including oil changes, checking oil levels and monitoring tire pressure. A quick diagnosis and repair of any problems that arise can greatly reduce downtime for these expensive vehicles, allowing them to remain operational and profitable.
  • In short, heavy-duty truck cabs or front ends are an important part of these advanced vehicles. They require a variety of systems and components to function properly, including engines, transmissions, radiators, air conditioning, power steering pumps, and electrical systems, to name a few. Ensuring the reliable and smooth operation of Truck Head Parts is critical to maintaining the performance and profitability of your vehicle. Proper maintenance and inspections are essential to prevent costly repairs and downtime for these expensive vehicles, greatly contributing to the overall success of the transportation industry.
Good Feedback of Truck Head Parts
  • Economy: The ultra-wide range of low fuel consumption and high torque of the engine, the high performance and high input torque of ZF transmission, the high transmission efficiency and low gear ratio of the drive axle, and the low wind resistance of the cab enable the truck to maintain the tolerance of low fuel consumption driving and achieve unparalleled driving comfort.
  • Reliability: The original MAN TG technology, the same product design, production and assembly process, as well as the application of the important supporting parts of the engine and the world’s top components of the chassis, jointly ensure the high reliability of the whole vehicle.
  • Safety: The truck has the active and passive safety of the world’s top heavy truck.
  • Comfort: high-performance shift operation and pneumatic steering wheel adjustment, large-span non-leaf spring, optimized full-floating cab suspension, air seat with lumbar cushion.
Product Assembly of Sitrak Parts

The Sinotruk Sitrak model is elegant, comfortable and safe. Its design also reflects humanization. It is the most popular model in the heavy truck market, and its market share has reached the level of world-class heavy trucks.

Sinotruk Sitrak cab can reduce the overall equipment quality of the truck, thus greatly improving the mobility of the truck. Wide vision, becoming the mainstream of the cab

Axle with high bearing capacity

The design of fewer leaf springs at the front and rear of our axle has realized innovation in technology and engineering. Durability, fuel efficiency and noise performance are the spokesmen of Sinotruk Sitrak axle.


High reliability, Surging Power, Low Consumption
Lightweight, long service life, advanced German technology, suitable for various complex road conditions, low maintenance and use costs.


Classic, Mature and Reliable
Sinotruk Sitrak series transmissions are adopted, offering high capacity and reliable quality.
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