Truck Engine Price Competitive Prices For Sinotruk Assembly And Parts in 2023
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Competitive Prices For Sinotruk Truck Engine Price Assembly And Parts

Truck Engine Price Competitive Prices For Sinotruk Assembly And Parts
No.ApplicationPart NamePart No.Price
1EngineUrea Nozzle202V27120-0008/1¥894.50
2EngineCylinder head gasket201V03901-0402¥66.90
3EngineConnecting rod insert201V02410-6698¥26.00
4EngineConnecting rod assembly- Truck Engine Price201-02400-6181¥1,438.00
5EnginePiston pin- Truck Engine Price200V02502-0133¥48.54
6EnginePiston rod retaining ring200V90810-0038¥0.55
7EnginePiston- Truck Engine Price202V02511-0683¥398.45
8EngineSet of piston rings202V02503-6005¥340.00
9EngineCylinder head gasket201V03905-0177/1¥72.46
10EngineSiletra sleeve200V01201-0459¥146.06
11EngineSeal ring for cylinder liner 139. 4X3. 95200V96501-0534¥15.28
12EngineGenerator 28V/110A202V26101-7281¥667.41
13EngineStarter 90P55 24V201V26201-7199¥1,031.01
14EngineSingle cylinder air compressor202V54100-7131¥1,706.00
16EngineBolt nail M10X35- Truck Engine Price200V90210-0017¥6.85
17EngineHexagonal flangeMQ6-11229-0023¥1.16
18EngineSupercharger gasket202V08901-0183¥4.12
19EngineSeal gasket at worm outlet201V08901-0210¥4.10
20EngineDouble-sided stud M10X25200V90201-0143¥1.60
21EngineThermostat 85℃~95℃201V06402-6008¥36.57
22EngineFlywheel assembly201-02301-6104¥1,234.00
23EngineFlywheel bolt200V90020-0419¥9.15
24EngineSilicone fan with electric control202V06600-7060¥1,405.20
25EngineHexagonal flange boltMQ6-03216-8305¥0.40
26EngineCrankshaft- Truck Engine Price201-02101-0632¥5,379.00
27EngineFuel Injector200V10100-6127¥1,052.86
28EngineHigh pressure oil pump CP3.4+200V11103-7792¥3,959.00
29EngineECU- Truck Engine Price202V25803-7915¥1,940.00
30EngineRear crankshaft oil seal201V01510-0283¥29.89
31EngineExhaust elbow202V15201-6227¥483.20
32EngineWater Pump200V06500-6694¥409.04
33EngineWater pump gasket201V06901-0192¥8.41
34EngineGasket for distribution box201V06903-0061¥12.09
35EngineFront crankshaft oil seal- Truck Engine Price201V01510-0282¥28.12
36EngineAuto-tension pulley202V95800-7476¥233.32
37EngineParasitic gear assembly202V95800-6098¥71.21
38EngineRefrigeration compressor200V77970-7028¥913.00
39EngineBruker belt 8RK 1920200V96820-0345¥54.74
40EngineEngine oil pressure sensor202V27421-0313¥137.98
41EngineRotational speed sensor200V27120-7038¥33.38
42EngineCoolant temperature sensor201V27421-0190¥20.28
43EngineIntake air temperature and pressure sensorVG1099090112¥88.59
44EngineFuel pressure sensor- Truck Engine Price202V27421-0263¥95.54
45EngineHexagonal head bolt 10- Truck Engine PriceZQ150B1080¥0.76
46EngineDouble-sided bolt 10- Truck Engine PriceZQ1201085¥1.11
47Engine1M10*1.5 type hexagonal nutZQ340B10¥0.17
48Engine430-Spring Clutch with Tension Diaphragm Type 25 AssemblyWG9925160610/1¥3,179.00
49Engine430-Spring clutch type 25 assembly with tension diaphragmWG9925160610/2¥3,179.00
50EngineEngine rear rubber bearingWG9925590360¥170.00
51EngineAluminum front rubber bearing assembly- Truck Engine PriceWG9925590270¥160.00
52EngineCylinder head cover gasket201V03905-0177¥68.00
53EngineCylinder head bolts200V90020-0421¥17.33
54EngineValve Bridge- Truck Engine Price200V04120-0019¥9.87
55EngineValve Lock Clamp (MC11)200V04104-0034¥2.00
56EngineValve spring- Truck Engine Price200V04102-0159¥5.00
57EngineIntake valve stem oil seal202V04902-0033¥5.00
58EngineGasket- Truck Engine Price200V90701-0243¥1.00
59EngineIntake Valve- Truck Engine Price200V04101-0574¥34.81
60EngineEVB Valve Bridge Assembly- Truck Engine Price200V04120-6008¥32.21
61EngineExhaust valve stem oil seal202V04902-0035¥5.00
62EngineExhaust Valve200V04101-0546¥57.80
63EngineConnecting rod assembly201-02400-6176¥436.42
64EngineBowl plug Diameter 63,10 (MC11)200V91606-0063¥10.00
65EngineMain filter elementWG9X25190062¥95.00
66EngineScrew plug- Truck Engine PriceMQ6-08049-0032¥4.00
67EngineSafety cartridgeWG9X25190061 
68EngineFuel coarse filter elementWG9925550182¥48.00
69EngineOil filter core with O-ring200V05504-0122¥26.00
70EngineHexagonal nut M10X1200V90501-0030¥0.46
71EngineFuel filter insert with O-ring201V12503-0062¥28.00
72EngineRocker arm holder200V04202-0136¥9.05
73EngineHexagon socket cheese head screw M12X60MQ6-02191-0616¥1.21
74EngineOil nozzle- Truck Engine Price200V01601-0016¥13.66
75EngineAir compressor intermediate gear assembly- Truck Engine Price200-54210-6042¥380.30
76EngineAir compressor intermediate gear shaft200V54210-0172¥62.00
77EngineThermostat housing gasket (MC11)201V06904-0042¥5.06
78EngineO-ring 57X4,5 N-EPDM 9-70(MC11)MQ6-56939-0079¥4.48
79EngineOil filter cover With seal (MC11)200V05505-0011¥31.07
80EngineOil and gas separator With seal (MC11)200V01804-0024¥138.79
81EngineOil pump outer rotor200V05104-0251¥337.23
82EngineOil pump inner rotor200V05104-0234¥97.66
83EngineOil pump inner rotor shaft200V05105-5000¥34.94
84EngineOil pump cover200V05103-5036¥81.37
85EngineHexagonal flange face bolt Q186-M6X20MQ6-03216-8204¥0.19
86EngineOil suction pipe assembly200V05701-6055¥54.21
87EngineOil sump assembly (MC11)201V05800-6370¥450.74
88EngineHeat shield 4-6 cylinders201V08120-5286¥24.45
89EngineExhaust pipe gasket- Truck Engine Price201V08901-0315¥5.18
90EngineHeat-resistant bolt M10×95200V90490-0032¥13.64
91EngineHexagonal flange face bolts M10×16MQ6-03215-8403¥0.52
92EngineHexagonal head bolt M8×12MQ6-01324-5310¥0.62
93EngineCamshaft assembly200-04400-6050¥874.29
94EngineCamshaft gear200-04501-0191¥154.49
95EngineCamshaft pulse disc200V04501-0190¥22.02
96EngineHexagonal flange face bolt Q186-M8X30-10.9-MAN183-B1(MC11)MQ6-03216-8306¥0.47
97EngineCylinder head intermediate gear assembly- Truck Engine Price200-04505-5094¥169.69
98EngineCrankshaft front gear200-02115-0278¥352.87
99EngineCrankshaft rear gear200-02115-0256¥324.19
100EngineInjector pressure plate200V10104-0065¥8.93
101EngineHexagonal flange face bolt Q186-M8X50-10.9-MAN183-B1(MC11)MQ6-03216-8310¥1.00
102EngineThrust block- Truck Engine Price200V90720-0214¥10.00
103EngineHigh pressure oil pipe 8*3.5 4 cylinders(MC11)201V10304-0321¥75.39
104EngineHigh-pressure oil pipe 8*3.5 5 cylinders(MC11)201V10304-0322¥75.39
105EngineHigh-pressure oil pipe Pump-rail (MC11)201V10301-6189¥100.62
106EngineWater pump pulley201V06503-0384¥36.89
107EngineHexagonal flange face bolt Q186-M12X40-10.9-MAN183-B1MQ6-03216-8508¥1.79
108EngineHexagonal flange face bolts Q186-M8X40-10.9-MAN183-B1MQ6-03216-8308¥0.99
109EngineHexagonal flange face boltsMQ6-03216-8317¥2.00
110EngineHexagon socket cylindrical head bolts202V90030-0066¥3.23
111EngineNuts- Truck Engine PriceMQ6-11065-2115¥0.39
112EngineUrea nozzle- Truck Engine Price202V27120-0008¥894.50
113EngineFuel tank cover with lockWG9925565001+002/2¥43.21
114EngineFuel pump- Truck Engine PriceWG9715115029¥345.18
115EngineCentral cooling module812W06100-0002¥2,907.00
116EngineC7/level sensor assembly for expansion tank T7812W06125-0002/2¥45.41
117EngineSocket tube200V98182-0050¥29.56
118EngineCylinder sleeve200V01201-0417¥126.22
119EngineOil pump bushing201V93020-0405¥13.18
120EngineFlywheel assembly201-02301-6103¥1,099.00
121EngineSafety cartridge710W08405-0017¥111.00
122EngineMain Filter Element710W08405-0032¥310.49
123EngineOil Module Gasket202V05901-0145¥19.47
124EngineRear hub812W35701-0155¥347.69
125EngineOil pan gasket202V05904-0212¥105.17
126EngineHexagonal head boltsQ151B16105TF2¥3.56
127EngineThrust Gasket712W90714-0249¥9.27
129EngineHexagonal conical screw plugWG9003960024¥3.99
130EngineFuel nozzle200V10100-6126¥1,052.86
131EngineConnecting rod assembly201-02400-6120¥322.93
132EnginePiston- Truck Engine Price200V02511-0771¥275.28
133EnginePiston pin- Truck Engine Price200V02502-0120¥44.81
134EngineTurbocharger (E120)202V09100-7926/1¥2,369.08
135EngineGenerator 28V/80A202V26101-7271¥571.15
136EngineDrive shaft between axlesAZ9716310625¥1,175.00
137EngineHexagonal lock nutAZ900388140001¥1.09
138EngineHexagon head bolt 14*1.5ZQ151B1455TF6¥1.40
139EngineDrive shaft- Truck Engine PriceAZ9370311755¥2,722.00
140EnginePull type spring clutch with diaphragm 430WG9921161200¥2,632.09
141EnginePassive clutch disc assembly712W30000-6002/1¥1,734.47
142EngineClutch pressure plate assembly712W30000-6001/1¥1,665.00
143EngineClutch slave disc assemblyWG9921161202/2¥1,352.98
144EngineClutch pressure plate assemblyWG9921161201/2¥1,319.00
145EnginePsu (φ102, φ25)WG9725230042¥394.43
146EngineFlexible gearbox selector shaft assembly- Truck Engine PriceWG9900243102¥135.50
147EngineFlexible gearbox selector shaft assemblyWG9900243001¥135.50
148EngineFlange in failure KV180WG7117329003¥101.80
149EngineOil plug-Truck Engine PriceWG7117329002¥29.85
150EngineOil plug- Truck Engine PriceWG7117329006¥35.80
151EngineAir inlet flange assembly (XSφ165)WG7129320112¥89.80
152EngineRear brake drum-Truck Engine PriceWG9761450001¥704.75
153EngineRight brake camshaft712W50301-0112¥114.99
154EngineRight brake lash automatic adjusting leverWG7129450012¥146.89
155EngineLeft brake lash automatic adjusting leverWG7129450011¥182.33
156EngineRight clamping nut710W90620-0048¥12.46
157EngineRear wheel hub- Truck Engine Price712W35701-0129¥399.59
158EngineRear wheel hub assembly712-35700-6116¥825.44
159EngineABS gear ring- Truck Engine PriceWG9231340908¥30.97
160EngineTapered roller bearing 33220710W93420-0104¥172.63
161EngineTapered roller bearing 32222WG9981032222¥161.81
162EngineSealing ring for oil sealWG9981340213¥54.99
163EngineSealing ringWG7121345015¥25.19
164EngineWheel bolts710W45501-0141¥9.27
165EnginePressure switch811W25503-0244¥29.08
166EngineCylinder head712W35631-0010¥21.79
167EngineSeal gasket810W35925-0018¥5.21
168EnginePiston ringMQ6563312269¥1.33
169EngineReturn springWG7117450317¥8.76
How To Choose A Heavy-Duty Truck Engine?
  • Heavy Duty Truck Engine Price can vary depending on a number of factors such as make and model, horsepower, fuel type, and emission standards. Heavy-duty truck engines are designed to withstand long, sustained use with ease and reliability. As one of the most critical components, engines must be manufactured from high-quality materials and precision machined to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty Truck Engine Prices can range from $15,000 to $40,000 or more, depending on the make and model. Factors that can affect price include horsepower, fuel type and emissions standards. For example, engines with higher horsepower output tend to be more expensive than engines with lower output. Similarly, diesel engines are usually more expensive than gasoline engines due to their complexity and higher material costs.
  • Emissions standards are also a factor in heavy-duty truck engine pricing. Emissions regulations are becoming more stringent and manufacturers are investing heavily in developing environmentally friendly engines that meet the latest emissions standards. These advanced engines are typically more expensive because of the added technology and materials required to meet such stringent standards.
  • In addition to the initial purchase price, other factors should be considered when evaluating the overall cost of a heavy-duty truck engine. For example, maintenance costs should be taken into account, as they can add up significantly over the life of the engine. For example, diesel engines require more frequent oil and fuel filter changes than gasoline engines, which can increase maintenance costs.
  • Fuel efficiency is another fundamental factor to consider when evaluating the cost of an engine. More fuel-efficient engines tend to have higher initial costs, but they can save owners money over the life of the vehicle with lower fuel costs. More advanced engines incorporate the latest fuel injection technology and computerized control systems to provide optimal fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • It is also important to consider the longevity of the engine when evaluating its overall value. Heavy-duty truck engines designed with high-quality materials and precision engineering are more durable and tend to last longer. These engines may be more expensive initially, but they offer long-term value because they provide more opportunities to extend the life of the engine without the need for expensive repairs or replacements.
  • In summary, heavy-duty Truck Engine Prices can vary depending on numerous factors, including make and model, horsepower, fuel type and emission standards. Various costs, such as maintenance and fuel efficiency, must be considered when evaluating the overall value of an engine. High quality engines designed with precision engineered components are typically more expensive, but offer long-term value by providing longer engine life without costly repairs or replacements. Heavy-duty trucks are a significant investment for truck owners, and the engine is the heart of the vehicle. Proper maintenance and investment in quality engines is necessary to keep heavy-duty trucks running safely and efficiently, and ultimately make business operations more profitable.
Good Feedback of Truck Engine Price
  • Economy: The ultra-wide range of low fuel consumption and high torque of the engine, the high performance and high input torque of ZF transmission, the high transmission efficiency and low gear ratio of the drive axle, and the low wind resistance of the cab enable the truck to maintain the tolerance of low fuel consumption driving and achieve unparalleled driving comfort.
  • Reliability: The original MAN TG technology, the same product design, production and assembly process, as well as the application of the important supporting parts of the engine and the world’s top components of the chassis, jointly ensure the high reliability of the whole vehicle.
  • Safety: The truck has the active and passive safety of the world’s top heavy truck.
  • Comfort: high-performance shift operation and pneumatic steering wheel adjustment, large-span non-leaf spring, optimized full-floating cab suspension, air seat with lumbar cushion.
Product Assembly of Sitrak Parts

The Sinotruk Sitrak model is elegant, comfortable and safe. Its design also reflects humanization. It is the most popular model in the heavy truck market, and its market share has reached the level of world-class heavy trucks.

Sinotruk Sitrak cab can reduce the overall equipment quality of the truck, thus greatly improving the mobility of the truck. Wide vision, becoming the mainstream of the cab

Axle with high bearing capacity

The design of fewer leaf springs at the front and rear of our axle has realized innovation in technology and engineering. Durability, fuel efficiency and noise performance are the spokesmen of Sinotruk Sitrak axle.


High reliability, Surging Power, Low Consumption
Lightweight, long service life, advanced German technology, suitable for various complex road conditions, low maintenance and use costs.


Classic, Mature and Reliable
Sinotruk Sitrak series transmissions are adopted, offering high capacity and reliable quality.
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