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Precautions for winter driving
Introduction and noise diagnosis and trouble shooting of heavy truck engine

The break-in period for a new truck

Run-in mileage is about 2000 km.Like a tractor from the factory to the dealer, the running-in period is already complete, so by the time the car reaches the user, the running-in is almost complete.But even so, trucks that have just arrived need to be handled with care

The average time for a truck to break in is 1500-3000 km.

Generally speaking, the running-in object includes all moving parts.But the most important thing is the engine.Of course, the gearbox and rear axle run-in is also very important.

The key should be gentle during running-in.

Avoid hitting the gas pedal to the bottom;

Avoid using the same gear for a long time

Avoid sudden braking.

Avoid overloads. The optimal load is 60 to 70 percent of the standard load

What if the heavy truck skids?How to prevent is the most important!Get the latest on your truck driving skills!

1, the use of anti-skid chain to increase friction

We also know the role of the anti-skid chain, the installation of anti-skid chain increases the friction between the tire and the snow and ice pavement, so that the driving is more stable, we should pay attention to the timely removal of the anti-skid chain after spending the snow and ice pavement, otherwise the damage to the tire is great.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the last bridge of tractor drive axle and trailer should be equipped with anti-skid chain. Small anti-skid chain can solve big problems.

2. Don’t overdo it

If the tire rotates at high speed, the adhesion between the tire and the ground will be reduced, and it is easy to slip.

Truck drivers must remember to slowly lift the clutch, light oil, usually 2 gear start, then can choose 3 gear start, to reduce torque.If the start of skid phenomenon, immediately full throttle, gently adjust the steering wheel, to ensure that the vehicle into the correct driving direction.

3, the use of engine inertia braking

When using engine exhaust braking and other methods, it is necessary to pay more attention when driving in snow days.The exhaust valve brake system, which can be electronically controlled and adjustable type, needs to operate the engine exhaust valve brake system with low power according to the instructions. For the non-electronically controlled adjustable type, especially the case of high speed, it is forbidden to use the engine brake.

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