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As an important means of transport, it is crucial to do regular maintenance on trucks, but most people pay attention to the maintenance of tires and engines, ignore thetruck chassis. So, how to maintain your truck chassis? You can start with the following.

Truck Chassis

Clean and rust-proof frequently

  • When maintaining the truck chassis daily, it is first to clean it thoroughly, if there is too much mud on the chassis, it is also necessary to wash it with an oil-free cleaner to make the truck chassis look like the new one, and then you can start anti-rust care. Another thing to note is that after cleaning, it is necessary to wait for the moisture on the chassis to dry thoroughly before anti-rust care can be carried out, that is, to form a uniform anti-rust coating that retains a long time. 
  • After all, is completed, it will be naturally air-dried for 5-10 minutes, and the anti-rust treatment of the chassis will be covered. In addition, it should be noticed that when cleaning the truck. it’s necessary to pay attention to not using alkaline cleaners, otherwise, it will greatly affect the anti-rust effect and shorten the anti-rust time.
Truck Chassis (2)

Choose the right lubricant of truck chassis

  • Lubricating oil has three functions: cooling, cleaning, and sealing. First, the circulating flow of the oil carries away the friction and lowers the temperature of machine parts. Second, lubricating oil flushes away impurities on the surface of the machine, reducing wear. Third, it maintains a layer of oil between the piston and the cylinder, which increases the tightness. At the same time, when driving daily, you should pay more attention to the movement of the truck transmission, the tightness of the bearing should also be checked in time, and use lubricating oil to adjust well. 
  • If the adjustment is not appropriate, it’s likely to cause the clutch to heat and burn. Therefore, it is extremely significant to choose the right lubricant, and a good truck lubricant can not only reduce engine heat and burn, but also reduce the loss of the machine parts and protect the engine.

Brake system maintenance

  • The truck braking system is divided into a pneumatic brake system and a hydraulic brake system. The pneumatic brake system is a brake sub-pump to push the brake shoe with the help of high-pressure gas which can achieve the braking effect. Since you want to push the brake shoes, you need the activity of it. If you haven’t maintained it for a long time, the brake shoes and iron pins were rusty and stuck, and it can’t move fluently, which naturally led to brake failure.
  • The structure of the hydraulic brake system is simpler than that pneumatic braking. The sub-pump is pushed put by the brake oil, and it pushes out to open the brake pads for braking, then the powerful spring is used to reset. For hydraulic braking maintenance, the sub-pump is relatively easy to rust and get stuck. If it has any problems, it is recommended to replace it, because it is not reliable to continue to use.
  • Brakes will wear significantly faster when stopping hard or heavy loads. Brake pads and shoes should be checked at every tire rotation interval (check your owner’s manual for instructions). If heavy loads are moved regularly, a brake upgrade might be a good option.
  • The quality of braking performance of the truck is related to the safety and reliability of the truck and it’s the guarantee of safe driving. Therefore, it should be paying attention to the condition of the brake system. The inspection and maintenance of the brake system should also be carried out in time during daily driving.
Maintenance of truck tires
  • The truck chassis is integrated with tires, brake systems, etc. Therefore, in addition to checking the brake system in time, doing a good job in tire maintenance can also protect the truck chassis. The performance of the truck tire affects the travel function of the truck, and the rotation system is too loose or too tight which will cause damage to the chassis, so the elasticity of the tire should be adjusted to the right state. Also, the wear should be checked regularly and we should clean up some debris that has been caught in the gap in the tire to avoid great damage to the tire and affect driving safety. At the same time, The air inside truck tires are easy expand at high temperature. If the tire pressure is too high, the tire will explode, so it must develop the habit of checking the air pressure of the tire regularly in the summer.
Maintenan engine
  • The engine is the source of power and the core component of the truck, so it’s a very important job to maintain the engine. The air intake system of the engine is mainly composed of two parts: the air filter element and the air intake duct. Depending on the different use, the air filter and air intake duct should be cleaned regularly. If not cleaned in time, the surface of the filter element will accumulate dust, which will lead to insufficient intake during engine operation, resulting in the excessive exhaust gas and weak acceleration of the truck. The manual will suggest a certain mileage interval to change the air filter, but it should be changed whenever it’s dirty. Regular intervals can vary widely, but when driving on dusty roads, the air filter may need to be changed after just a few hundred miles. A snorkel might be a good upgrade to increase filter life if the truck is consistently used in an extremely dusty environment.  
  • The cooling system plays an important role in the operation of the engine. However, some truck owners do not pay attention to the use and quality of coolant, usually adding ordinary water to the tank, resulting in tank is rusted and scaled. Therefore, cleaning the water tank regularly and using the coolant suitably can ensure that the engine is working properly and extend the overall life of the water tank and engine.
  • Engine are the heart of trucks, and lubricants, which play an important role in the operation of engines, are the top priority in the maintenance process. When checking daily maintenance, you should first look at the stock of each oil tank in the engine compartment and replenish the oil in time. In addition to the stock, it is also necessary to check whether the oil that is easy to mix into moisture has deteriorated. If the oil is found to be abnormal, replace it immediately. Also, different lubricants are also used in different seasons, for example, there is usually a low viscosity in summer, when winter comes, it should be changed to lubricating oil of high viscosity used in winter.
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