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“The truck is easy to drive and the fault is difficult to eliminate” is the heart knot of every driver. The vehicle maintenance level and accident investigation ability are very important for safe and efficient transportation. However, driving skills can be acquired in a short time, and troubleshooting ability can not be developed overnight. In this regard, how to effectively guide drivers to learn and improve themselves?

Multi observation: any fault is accompanied by abnormal phenomena before it occurs. When driving, we should form the habit of observing more instruments. The general rule is: circuit faults can usually be reflected on the instruments; Oil circuit and mechanical faults mainly depend on observation and feeling. Even in case of simultaneous faults of oil and circuit, or faults with common phenomena that are difficult to distinguish at the moment, don’t rush to start. Seeing the phenomenon is the first step to eliminate the fault. If necessary, it can be confirmed by restarting the engine or driving a distance.

Detailed analysis: when stopping for troubleshooting, it shall be carefully analyzed according to the fault phenomenon. Sometimes the same fault may cause multiple abnormal phenomena, and multiple faults can cause the same abnormal phenomenon at the same time. Therefore, we should be good at finding out individuality from commonness and suit the remedy to the case.

Step by step: it is necessary to follow the steps of easy before difficult, simple before complex, bright before dark, circuit before oil circuit. If it is determined that it is a circuit fault, it is also necessary to distinguish whether it is a high-voltage circuit or a low-voltage circuit; Determine whether it is low-voltage circuit fault, and also distinguish whether it is open circuit or short circuit; In case of open circuit, the breakpoint shall be determined in sections according to the circuit direction. Of course, if you drive your own car for a long time, you will “practice makes perfect, and you will work as soon as you grasp it”. But for young people who have been driving for a long time, troubleshooting step by step is the basic skill and can not be ignored.

Grasp the law: for novices, although fault diagnosis and troubleshooting are complex and difficult, they always have certain rules to follow. If the engine suddenly stalls during operation, it is mostly circuit failure; If the engine shuts down gradually, it is mostly oil circuit failure; When the engine starts, there is no response, mostly no oil or no high-voltage electricity; Such as smoke shooting during start-up, most of which are improper ignition time or disordered ignition sequence, etc. I have been driving for several years, and I have recorded the phenomenon, location and troubleshooting of the fault. Even if others encounter a fault that I have not encountered, I also pay attention to it, so that the same fault is not difficult for the second time.

More observation, detailed analysis, step-by-step, grasp the law, are inseparable from one: seriously study technology. To have a strong sense of dedication, you will have a strong interest in your job. Generally speaking, vehicles with good technology are not easy to fail. Therefore, when your car is repaired or maintained in the factory, don’t be a “hands off shopkeeper”. It can be handy only if you are familiar with the structure, function and working principle of various parts and arrange faults.

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