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The truck suddenly lost its energy while driving, and its power dropped. This not only wastes fuel, but also delays your time. Then what is the reason for the sudden power dropped of the vehicle?

1. The diesel filter is clogged and the fuel injector is worn

Inferior oil contains more impurities, which can easily cause the filter to be blocked, and at the same time, it can also cause wear of the plunger of the fuel injection nozzle. The damage of the fuel injector can cause unstable acceleration of the engine, weak acceleration, or emission of black smoke and other failures.

2. Small valve clearance or poor sealing

If the valve clearance is too small, the fuel in the cylinder is not sufficient, resulting in lower power; if the valve sealing is not good or the clearance is too large, it is very easy to cause pressure relief in the cylinder and also reduce the engine power

3. The inside of the intercooler is blocked

Inferior air filters, broken pipes, etc., will make the intercooler dirty or even clogged, causing the intercooler to fail to perform the cooling function normally, causing the engine to overheat, reducing the air supply, and reducing the power.

Therefore, in actual use, frequent maintenance and regular maintenance are required to ensure the normal use of the vehicle.

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