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Treatments for Engine “Three Leaks”

(1)Lubricated plastic pads

For oil leakage at the leak-proof gasket of the diesel engine pipe joint, a thin layer of double-sided lubricated plastic pads can be added on both sides of the leak-proof gasket, and tighten it to prevent leakage.

(2) Shellac

Leakage at the joints of the diesel engine’s fuel tank, water tank, crankcase, etc., can be done by soaking the Shellac in alcohol, and then applying it to the cleaned joints. However, Shellac are expensive and are usually used only when the situation is urgent.

(3) Grease

When the paper pad at the oil pan, cylinder head, gear cover, crankcase back cover and other places of the engine leaks, as long as the paper pad is intact and the joint surface is clean, Grease can be applied on both sides of the paper pad, and the bolts can be tightened to prevent leakage. If a new paper pad is used, soak the new paper pad in diesel oil for 10 minutes before installation, then take it out and wipe it clean, apply a layer of Grease on the joint surface, and then install it.

(4) Liquid sealant

When solid gasket defects (such as pits, grooves and cracks) appear on the engine, resulting in interface leakage and destructive leakage, liquid sealant shall be applied to the cleaned solid gasket joint surface, and after curing, a uniform, stable and continuous adhesive peelable membrane gasket ring can be formed, which can prevent all leakage.

(5) Anaerobic adhesive

When the vent bolts, screws, studs, plugs, etc. on the diesel engine are leaking, apply anaerobic glue to the cleaned bolt, thread or screw hole, which can quickly solidify to form a film, fill the gap of parts, and bear a large pressure, and also have the strong shockproof and anti loose fastening function. If it is used in the thread of the high pressure oil pipe joint of the engine, the leakage control effect is better.

(6) Dimensional resume adhesive

When leakage occurs at the shaft and sleeve, bearing and bearing seat, valve and seat, self tightening oil seal, felt cup, packing and other places on the engine, Dimensional resume adhesive can be applied to the worn parts of the cleaned mating parts. After curing, a film layer with high wear resistance, heat resistance and mechanical strength is formed. Then carry on the turning, boring, scraping, filing and other mechanical processing, restore the geometry and matching accuracy of the parts, so as to solve the problem of leakage.

(7) Adhesive patch

When the sand holes and air holes in the engine body parts such as oil tank, water tank, oil pipe and water pipe cause leakage, apply the Adhesive patch to the cleaned damaged parts to get the effect of leakage control.

Jinan Taixi hereby reminds all basin friends that the best remedy is to do a good job in daily maintenance, operate the engine correctly, and avoid the phenomenon of water, oil and gas leakage caused by human factors.

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