Treatment method of vehicle encountering water - vehicle
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Treatment method of vehicle encountering water

Driving in rainy days, don’t Wade easily when you don’t know the depth of the water. You can do this!

Wading skills

  1. When a car encounters water on the road, it should first slow down or stop to observe. If the water level reaches two-thirds of the bumper or tire, it is dangerous to wade again. High speed will increase the actual water depth of the car, causing rain water to enter the cab from the cabin or chassis. It should be avoided to drive against the waves. If the water level is high through observation, it should be bypassed as far as possible instead of forced passing.
  2. In addition to keeping a low speed when wading, the car should not stop or shift as much as possible, and the accelerator should not be recovered or accelerated. Should be low gear high throttle uniform speed through, and can not quickly drive over the splash waves or spray.
  3. When the car stalls in the water, it must not be started immediately. Instead, measures should be taken as soon as possible to drag the car to a safe place with less water. Engine water is a very serious problem, water can enter through the air filter from the intake valve, and then from the intake pipe into the cylinder block. At this time, do not try to start the engine again, otherwise it is likely to cause the deformation of the crankshaft, connecting rod and other important parts of the engine, resulting in the shaking of the automobile engine, and the serious parts can be broken. If the engine is shut down in water, it is likely to cause the engine to enter water. At this time, the engine should be shut down and wait for rescue.
  4. After wading, the moisture of brake pad should be removed in time, especially for the vehicle with drum brake, otherwise the vehicle will lose the brake after wading, causing serious danger or accident. The specific operation is: low speed while stepping on the accelerator and brake, not a foot dual-use people can repeatedly step on the brake, at this time pay attention to the speed must be slow. Repeatedly, the brake drum and the brake pad generate heat energy through friction to evaporate and drain water.
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Driving skills

  1. The air conditioning system must be turned off before wading. Avoid water entering the vehicle through the air inlet of the air conditioner.
  2. Low gear driving (Manual: 1st or 2nd gear; Automatic: l or 2). If the speed is too fast, the water is easy to splash into the hood and intake port.
  3. Keep low gear speed, do not accelerate or stop in the middle, try to avoid shifting or turning in the middle. If the wheel idles in the midway, stop immediately, do not force through, and do not step on the accelerator in the semi linkage state.
  4. After driving over the waterlogged Road, implement several braking operations to test the braking effect, and ensure that the braking performance of the vehicle is in the best state at any time. How to deal with the fault of vehicle flooding after the vehicle flooding must be thoroughly checked. Including engine, gearbox, vehicle electrical circuit, etc., to ensure the safety performance of the vehicle.

Check after wading

If water enters the compartment, the maintenance process is mainly to clean up the water in the compartment.

There are several sealant plugs under the chassis of the vehicle. Opening the sealant plug can release the water in the compartment.

However, because of the strong water absorption of the interior decoration material, the floor glue should be removed and placed in a spacious space to facilitate the evaporation of water.

After installation, attention should be paid to turning on the air conditioner and adjusting the vehicle circulation switch to the internal circulation, so that the water vapor in the car can be discharged out of the car through the air conditioning system, especially the electronic components, so as to avoid circuit failure due to wet corrosion and other reasons in the future.

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