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6 Symptoms Of A Bad Transmission Of Trucks

For trucks, the two most important components are the engine and the transmission. The engine is equivalent to the heart of the truck, while it is equivalent to the central system of the truck. Undoubtedly, both the engine and it play a vital role in the normal operation of the truck. While there is a dashboard fault light to remind us of the engine failure, so how do we detect it failure? Today we will talk about the seven warnings before the truck’s it fails.

1.Transmission oil leakage

  • It oil leakage mainly has the following three reasons. One is the transmission oil leakage caused by scraping the chassis when hanging gear, but now trucks have guard plates, which rarely cause oil leakage. The second is due to the aging of the internal seals of it, and poor sealing caused by oil leakage. This situation generally occurs when the truck is used for too long. The third is the oil leakage caused by the poor manufacturing process of the transmission or sand holes in the housing. This is attributed to the quality of the trucks.
  •  Oil leaks can lead to insufficient lubrication inside it and accelerate the friction between gears, resulting in it not working properly. Therefore, when a truck transmission leaks oil, it is very important to pay attention to it, to find the cause and solve the problem.

2.Have difficulty in gearing

  • Difficulty in gearing refers to the phenomenon of engine stalling after gearing. In detail, it is the engine idle when the handle from the P position or N position into the R position, D position, S position, L position (or 2 positions, 1 position) when the engine stalled, or in forwarding gear or reverse gear driving, the engine stalled when the brake pedal is pressed to stop. This may be due to the following four reasons: the engine idle speed is too low; the locking control valve in the valve plate is stuck; the gear switch is faulty; the input shaft speed sensor is faulty.
  •  If the engine stalls due to several shifts, it is important to check whether the shock of entering the gear is very large, if it is relatively large, you should call for assistance. Otherwise, multiple attempts, which would have been just a matter of changing a valve body, will eventually turn into a transmission overhaul.

3.The truck does not move after entering the gears

  • The truck does not move after entering the gears mainly refers to the following phenomenon: After starting the truck and putting the gears in D or R, the vehicle does not respond after releasing the brake and does not exercise forward. Manually hang 1st gear, after releasing the clutch, the truck does not move. The cause of this failure may be caused by damage to the transmission input shaft or reverse clutch or damage to the D/R brake. It may also be caused by a it’s leak and a severe lack of transmission fluid. Another possibility is that the linkage or cable between the truck’s shift lever and the manual valve rocker arm has come loose, causing the manual valve to remain in neutral or park gear.  
  • Do not be anxious and angry when this happens, calm down and try a few more times, if the truck still does not move, call the rescue number in time.
4.Transmission slippage
  • Truck transmission slippage is mainly manifested in the following two aspects.
  • First, in the process of driving, when refueling, hear the sound of the engine idling (similar to the feeling of stepping on the throttle when the gear is in P or N), the truck speed does not have any promotion and feel that the acceleration is powerless. Second, the truck is basically normal on the flat road, but uphill powerless, and the engine speed is very high. The reason for this failure is generally clutch plate burn or low oil pressure. In this case, if the vehicle continues to drive, it will cause serious damage toit and even scrap it.
  • Therefore, when there is a slipping transmission, the owner should pull over as soon as possible, call for help and have the vehicle serviced.
5.Driving engine speed high

This problem includes two different cases.

  • One is the smooth process of high speed, this situation is relatively easy to test. For example, an engine displacement of 2.0 vehicles can usually reach 100 km/h at 2600 rpm, if a period of time often needs 3000 rpm or more parties can reach 100 km/h, it means that this fault, generally this fault is due to the failure of it high-speed gear or variable knob internal lock-up clutch failure caused by the need to immediately repair the transmission.
  •  Second, the speed is too high in the process of speed, this fault test is a bit complicated. Because in the process of speed up, the engine speed rise with the accelerator pedal has a close relationship. The engine output power is greater than the resistance when the throttle is pressed, then the speed will rise. The piston compresses the air or the mixture of air and fuel during the compression stroke, which results in a high pressure in the cylinder, and then the mixture burns, producing a very large expansion force, which pushes the piston downward, and the piston then converts this thrust into engine output power through the crankshaft connecting rod. Different throttle state engine speed will be very different.
6.The transmission has an odor
  • It body of the truck is working by hydraulic oil, when the oil temperature is too high, it will produce some combustion phenomenon and emit an odor. Therefore, when there is an odor in the transmission body, it means that some executive parts in the transmission body are not working properly and need to be tested.
  • In a word, truck transmission failure will release some warning signals, and the owner should pay attention to its “alarm” in time, in order to repair it, so as not to cause safety problems.

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