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The "Most Beautiful Driver Case" Was Misread. It Was Originally Caused By The Trailer

Recently, the major media have continuously disclosed the investigation results of the “most beautiful driver case”, and many multimedia have reported that the “most beautiful driver case” is that the brake drum on the Dongfeng truck came out, resulting in falling, injuring and killing bus driver Wu Bin. According to the reporter’s further understanding, it is a misreading that “the brake drum is the brake drum on the trailer behind the Dongfeng tractor”.


Composition of the Trailer

  • People familiar with logistics transportation know that the whole tractor is composed of a tractor head and trailer, and the tractor head tows the trailer. Generally, tractor heads and trailers are produced by different manufacturers and licensed separately, and vehicle insurance is handled independently.
  • One tractor head can be equipped with other trailers, Recently, the national promotion of “drop and hitch transportation” is to advocate that a tractor can be equipped with multiple trailers.

According to the reporter’s further understanding, it was found that in the “Wu Bin case”, the brake drum hitting Wu Bin came from the brake drum on the second row of the three rows of wheels in the trailer of the rear half of a tractor, not the front of the tractor. Because the front of the tractor is Dongfeng brand, many media misunderstood the iron block as “Dongfeng truck brake drum”.


Advantages of Trailer Disc Brakes

  • In fact, compared with the Sinotruk disc brake, the drum brake commonly used in freight trucks in China is prone to heat after braking for a long time.
  • In addition, the brake drum is prone to cracking when the vehicle frequently uses the brake under the condition of overload and over-speed or privately adjusts the pressure of the brake air circuit, installs a water spraying device, or does not regularly check the brake drum according to the requirements of the product instructions, and uses inferior or even counterfeit brake drums. In recent years, various accidents caused by brake failure of freight trucks in China are emerging one after another.
  • From the perspective of safety, it has been recognized that trucks should use disc brakes. Many vehicle enterprises are also vigorously promoting disc brakes. Now, many brands of tractors have been equipped with disc brakes, while most trailers still use drum brakes. In addition, many trailers are produced by small factories, and the accessories lack a strict quality management system. In addition, some trucks are seriously overloaded, which makes the brake drum of some truck trailers a potential road killer.

  • We certainly need to praise heroes like Wu Bin, but we need to pay more attention to the safety of trucks. We hope that Wu Bin’s case will be less and less, and we hope that “flying objects outside the sky” will not appear again.

  • At noon on May 29, a “metal block broke through the front windshield of a long-distance bus, causing serious injury and death to the driver Wu Bin” occurred in the Yangshan section of Shanghai Yichang expressway. According to the preliminary work of Wuxi police, it has been confirmed that the metal block is a fragment of the brake drum.
  • It was reported on June 7 that at about 3:00 on June 6, the investigation team that went to Yichun, Jiangxi Province, with the assistance of the local police, locked one of the vehicles. It was highly suspected that the vehicle replaced a damaged brake drum on June 1. It is understood that the brake drum fragments are preliminarily inferred to be from a trailer, which is not manufactured by Dongfeng.
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