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Top Ten Causes Of Engine High Temperature Failure

If the oil temperature is more than 120℃ for a long time, it will lose its lubrication, cleaning and heat dissipation. In serious cases, it will directly lead to the engine burning the pad and holding the shaft. Here we collected 10 reasons for the high temperature of the oil and look at it together!

1. Insufficient Or Excessive Amount Of Oil

When changing the oil, the amount of oil should be appropriate. Too much oil will produce greater resistance for the engine, and the lack of oil will affect lubrication and heat dissipation. So when changing the oil, we should treat it in strict accordance with the scale of the oil scale, not too much and too little.

Many drivers keep a bucket of oil in their car and refill it when it runs low.In this case, several points should be noted:

  • (1) the spare oil is best with the same brand and label of the oil added during maintenance, to avoid mixing of different oil products
  • (2) measure the oil content at normal temperature, and then measure it again for a few minutes after adding it to determine whether the oil amount is appropriate
  • (3) When oil consumption is serious, do not add oil independently to solve the problem. You should go to the repair station to check the cause of oil consumption to avoid excessive engine wear.
Engine High Temperature Failure- Oil Pump Failure
truck Engine High Temperature Failure

2. Engine High Temperature Failure: Oil Pump Failure

Usually, the vehicle engine high temperature alarm, will first check the cooling system, should also check whether the oil pump is normal, oil circulation is not good, the engine is easy to high temperature “fainting”.Oil pump problems, should immediately find a professional maintenance personnel to repair.

3. Engine High Temperature Failure: Cooling Water Temperature Is Too High

If the temperature of the water cooling system in the engine is too high to cool the engine parts in time and take away the heat, the hot parts will also indirectly lead to the increase in the temperature of the oil.

4. Engine High Temperature Failure: The Oil Cooler Is Blocked

If the oil cooler is blocked, it will also directly affect the normal heat dissipation of the oil, and can also lead to insufficient oil pressure and other problems.

5. Engine High Temperature Failure: The Filter Is Blocked

When the oil is changed for maintenance in the service station, the filter is replaced together, but the driver often ignores the filter element when changing the oil independently.If it is not replaced for a long time, it will directly lead to the blocking of the filter and the loss of the role of impurities in the oil. At this time, the oil flows directly back to the engine from the bypass valve, leading to increased internal wear.

6. Engine High Temperature Failure: Piston Ring Is Not Tightly Sealed

If the engine piston ring seal is not strict, it will also cause the oil temperature to be too high. When the cylinder leaks, resulting in the crankcase ventilation is too large, the oil is discharged with the ventilation outside the engine, so it is also very important to check the sealing of the engine piston ring and cylinder regularly.

7. Engine High Temperature Failure: Excessive Bearing Clearance

Bearing clearance is too large, oil leakage is too much, resulting in oil pressure is too low, can not form a normal oil film, light will aggravate the wear degree, heavy is pulled ablation friction surface.

8. Engine High Temperature Failure: Heavy Engine Work

The engine works under heavy load, overload, or low gear and high speed will also cause the temperature of the oil to rise. After all, the greater the pressure, the higher the heat emitted by the engine.

9. Engine High Temperature Failure: Engine Assembly Is Too Tight

As with other mechanical systems, when the internal mechanical parts of the engine are assembled too tightly, it will lead to a straight rise in friction resistance and a high amount of heat, which will increase the thermal load received by the oil and exceed the original thermal load working coefficient.

10. Engine High Temperature Failure: Poor Engine Oil

  • If the use of oil that does not match the engine (mixed with different brands), as well as poor quality oil, it will also increase the friction coefficient inside the engine, so that the heating is more obvious, and lead to the oil temperature rise.
  • In summary, in addition to the role of lubrication and protection of machinery, oil also helps machinery heat dissipation function.If there is a problem with the oil, it can not effectively help the engine heat dissipation. No matter how good the vehicle heat dissipation system is, it will not help.Therefore, in addition to the inspection of the main cooling system, we should also pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the oil.
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