Why Are Frequent Truck Tire Burst?-2 Most Important Reasons
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Why Are Frequent Tire Burst Accidents?

The word “tire burst” appears more and more frequently in hot summer. It is understood that 46% of traffic accidents are caused by tire failure, of which tire burst accounts for 70% of the total tire accidents. What is the main reason for a flat tire?

Tire Burst
  • Generally speaking, a tire burst is caused by excessive wear of the tire, resulting in a too thin tire body and constant heating inside the tire. At this time, it is easy to be pierced by sharp objects, coupled with overheating weather, resulting in a tire burst. It is not difficult to find that the three words of air pressure, temperature, and the injured tire should be the main causes of frequent tire burst accidents.

Air pressure is one of the causes of Tire Burst

  • Insufficient tire pressure: when the vehicle is driving in the hot season, the tire temperature rises rapidly, resulting in changes in tire pressure. When the tire pressure is insufficient, the tire is repeatedly squeezed and deformed at high speed, resulting in a large amount of heat, resulting in a tire bursts.
Tire Burst (2)
  • Too high tire pressure: if the tire pressure is too high, the wear speed in the middle of the tire will accelerate, resulting in uneven tire wear, and the tire shell needs to bear too much pressure. In addition, the grounding area between the tire and the road surface becomes smaller, and the tire grip is reduced, which is not conducive to driving safety.
  • Too low-pressure vacuum tires, if the tire pressure is too low, the tire and the ground contact surface increase, driving friction resistance also becomes larger, and the internal stress of the tire body also rises. When the car is driving at high speed, the tires warm up quickly, more likely to make the tire temperature rises sharply, the high temperature of the tire will make the tire itself expand and poor pressure resistance.
  •  In addition, low tire air pressure will also make the relative displacement between the outer and inner tires of the tire running at high speed, and this relative displacement has a certain wear effect on the inner tire of the tire.
  • For seriously worn or injured tires, whether the tire pressure is too high or too low, the weak link of the tire shell will eventually not withstand a lot of heat and pressure, resulting in tire burst and even spontaneous combustion, thus affecting the safety of life and property.

Temperature is one of the causes of Tire Burst

  • In addition, when the tire temperature is too high, if you use the method of sprinkling cold water (just like the thunderstorm in the video), cracks will occur due to uneven shrinkage of all parts of the tread and sidewall rubber layer caused by sudden cooling, which will shorten the service life of the tire. Therefore, when the tire temperature is found to be too high during driving, it is not recommended to deflate or water, but to reduce the driving speed or take proper rest in a cool place to cool the tire.
Tire Burst (3)

Excessive wear is one of the causes of Tire Burst

  • If the tires are not replaced and maintained, the surface of the tires will be excessively worn or unevenly worn, and the formation of weak spots, are potential hidden dangers that lead to tire bursts. Many domestic vehicles have the problem of excessive wear on the surface of the tire, and some trucks have worn flat tire tread that is still in use.
  • Such a tire load capacity and compressive strength have been far below the normal tire, it is difficult to maintain the normal driving of the truck.

In conclusion, the main causes of tire burst are inseparable from tire pressure, temperature, old and new degree of tire. Especially the danger of low-pressure driving, so the daily maintenance of tires is very important. For example, check whether there is bulge on the tire sidewall, whether the tire wear is uniform, whether the tire wear reaches the wear limit position, etc. the tire safety can not be ignored before and during driving.

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