Analysis And Summary Of Tile Smashing Fault Of Nanjing Iveco
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Analysis And Summary Of Tile Smashing Fault Of Nanjing Iveco Yuejin Xiaofuxing

A 5000 km Yuejin xiaofuxing car, the customer said that the car was fine, and suddenly there was a rattling noise in the machine. The customer asked and learned that the car had just made its first maintenance at the Yuejin service station.

When I came to the place where the car broke down, I checked the oil and found that there was no oil on the oil dipstick. I looked carefully under the engine and found no oil leakage. I can be sure that the car must be short of oil and smashed the tiles.

I dragged the faulty car to the service station and put the oil in the oil pan. I found that the oil in the oil pan was only 1 liter. The instruction manual said that the oil pan of the car was 6 liters. Why did the oil pan only have such a little oil? It only ran 1700km when the car broke down in the first service. It shouldn’t consume so much oil in such a short time! It’s only 5000 kilometers. It shouldn’t be!

Open the oil pan and see that there is a large amount of metal alloy powder in the oil pan. See that the connecting rod bearing cap of cylinder 2 has changed color and turned into black, and the tiles have leaked out. It can be determined that the crankshaft is completely scrapped.

The problem is so big that you have to lift the engine and turn on the machine. It is found that almost every main bearing bush is lack of oil and dry friction. It is found that the cylinder liner is seriously worn. The gap between the opening of the piston ring and the air ring is 0.80mm. You can touch the cylinder liner with your hand and have a large second step.

The fault has been found, but why is the wear so serious? Check the intake branch pipe of the cylinder head and see that there are a lot of soil layers inside. Remove the intake branch pipe and see that there is a lot of dirt in the intake port of the cylinder head.

Remove the air filter and see that there is 1cm thick sludge at the bottom of the air filter shell. Remove the air filter and see that the outer layer of the paper filter element of the air filter is thick sludge. Remove the rubber hose from the air filter element to the air inlet pipe and find that there is a large amount of mud inside.

It can be seen from here that this car collects pigs in rural areas because there is a lot of floating dust on rural roads,

The car is small. The air filter is easy to absorb the floating and sinking of the ground. The air inlet of the air filter is so bad that the piston ring is seriously worn and the oil consumption is very large.

Maintenance Summary Of Tile Smashing :

For Yuejin xiaofuxing, this car is generally used by farmers themselves. They are all in rural areas. The air inlet system of air filter is the most important, but the quality of farmers is not high. In their eyes, a new car needs three guarantees. However, I say that three guarantees are also very short. After three guarantees, they still have to spend money.

It is suggested that when this vehicle is running in the countryside, an oil type air filter of tractor or agricultural tricycle can be installed on the cab. The filtering effect must be very good. Most farmers like to stamp a few feet on the accelerator when starting the vehicle. What I want to say is that diesel vehicles don’t need to do this. Don’t stamp the accelerator back and forth after starting the vehicle, which will only increase wear and tear and do harm without benefit.

The car is like a person. Don’t treat it as your own slave and a lady who spends money casually. You don’t treat it well. You and the car are enemies. If you pit the car, the car will spit out all your money. At the same time, don’t complain about the vehicle manufacturer and after-sales service. The car is like your own child. Since you choose it, you will treat it sincerely.

This morning, I carefully found that the design of the right air filter plastic pipe of Yuejin xiaofuxing is very unreasonable. If this pipe can be raised by 80cm, the effect must be very good.

The future automobile sales market will be in rural areas. If we do better, we can seize the market, which requires the joint efforts of our automobile manufacturing enterprises and after-sales maintenance service personnel.

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