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How to do the car maintenance that is often said to ensure safety

Three tips for auto maintenance

Now more and more people drive automatic cars, but the maintenance of automatic cars is more difficult than that of other cars. What should we do?

First: always check whether the oil level in the automatic transmission is normal.

You know what? The inspection method of automatic transmission oil is different from that of engine oil. Check the engine oil when the vehicle is cold.

The transmission oil needs to be preheated to about 50 ℃, and then placed in the parking gear after each gear of the gear lever is held for 2 seconds.

At this time, the normal oil level of the dipstick should be between the highest or lowest line. If it is not enough, oil of the same quality should be added in time.

auto maintenance

Second: replace the transmission oil tank correctly.

At present, the better oil change method is dynamic oil change, using special gearbox cleaning equipment.

Therefore, during the operation of the transmission, the old oil can be fully circulated, and then after it is drained, add new transmission oil, so that the oil change rate can be up to more than 90, so as to ensure a good oil change effect.

Third: learn to master the service cycle of changing automatic transmission oil.

The internal control mechanism of automatic transmission is very precise, and the matching clearance is very small.

Therefore, most manufacturers will suggest that the oil change cycle of automatic transmission should generally be two years or 4 ~ 6 km.

In the process of normal use, the temperature of transmission oil is generally about 120 ℃, so the quality requirements of oil products are very high, so they must be kept clean.

If the transmission oil is used for a long time, it will produce oil dirt, so it may form oil sludge, which will increase the wear of friction plates and components, and affect the oil pressure of the system, so that the power transmission is affected.

The sludge in the dirty oil will make the valve body in each valve body move sluggishly, and the oil pressure control will be greatly affected. In this case, the automatic transmission will be abnormal.

Generally speaking, the maintenance and repair of automatic vehicles should be handled in strict accordance with the maintenance manual.

In case of incomprehension, don’t deal with it privately. Go to a professional maintenance shop. Information professionals.

In order to prevent bad situations, the best maintenance method is to use the car correctly at ordinary times and pay attention to the overall condition of the car anytime and anywhere.

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