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The Third National Policy Has Been Implemented For A Long Time, And The Road Of After-Sales Service Is Still Bumpy

China’s 3 policy has been implemented for more than half a year, and there are countless trucks equipped with electronic control engines running on the road. Some of the questions we once worried about have satisfactory answers, but on the after-sales problems with prominent contradictions, the information obtained by the reporter recently is not optimistic of third national policy.

Who Is At Fault For The Damage Of The New Car

When the reporter interviewed master Luo for the first maintenance of the newly purchased guo3 Tianlong truck at the service station, he called the reporter and said that there was an 8×4 truck with the same model of Dongfeng Tianlong dfl1311a4 equipped with Isle 315 HP engine. Due to improper welding operation, the engine ECU control unit was burned out. Therefore, the reporter specially rushed to the service station to find out.

On February 16, at Dongfeng service station, the reporter met master Ning from Dazhou, Sichuan. He was very angry when he mentioned the Dongfeng Tianlong front 4 and back 8 truck purchased with a loan. Master Ning told reporters: it was not long before this car was purchased. It was mainly from Dazhou to Mianyang, Deyang and other post disaster reconstruction areas. On the way to Mianyang on February 12, the vehicle suddenly failed to start normally, and the ECU displayed on the information screen in the car was damaged.

After calling the local Dongfeng service station, the maintenance personnel went to decode the vehicle engine and reluctantly drove into the local service station, loaded with more than 10000 bricks. After waiting at the service station for 4 days, there was no news. I didn’t know when the engine ECU would be sent from Hubei. The maintenance department and the front desk pushed each other and had a bad attitude. I dialed the service phone of Dongfeng headquarters and didn’t get any response. Faced with the monthly loan and the more than 10000 bricks loaded on the car, master Ning doesn’t know what to do.

As we all know, the engine is the heart of the car, and ECU is the heart of the electronically controlled engine, which plays a very important role. Through the analysis of the circuit accident, the reporter found a huge loophole in the after-sales service of national 3 vehicles. Dongfeng Tianlong truck is different from previous vehicles and Dongfeng Tianlong tractor. It is only equipped with a solenoid valve power switch. It is not equipped with a mechanical disconnect switch near the battery box as usual.

It is indicated in the operation manual that during electric welding operation, the positive and negative wires of the battery must be removed and connected, and then the ground wire can be connected before operation, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the engine ECU circuit board. As a common sense, you may think that this should be possible. However, after asking several Tianlong car owners, the reporter found the seriousness of the problem. When the dealers delivered the new car, no one gave them relevant driving training, and did not mention the precautions for the use of the vehicle.

The instructions attached to the car are also inconsistent with the purchased model. For example, the instructions attached to the new guo3 Tianlong car just purchased by master Luo are actually the instructions of the vehicle equipped with guo2 mechanical pump engine. There is no way to understand the maintenance knowledge and maintenance precautions. This is a serious mistake in the distribution of goods attached to the new car after it is out of the warehouse. This is not an individual short-term phenomenon, Master Luo bought the guo2 Tianlong equipped with L-Series mechanical pump engine in March 2008. The instructions accompanying the car are actually the old c-series engine, which makes people cry and laugh.

Because of habitual operation and do not understand the principle of solenoid valve switch, many car owners only turn off the power switch during electric welding without unplugging the battery wiring. The vehicle itself is a large conductor. In the process of electric welding operation, the high voltage forms an arc and damages some circuits of the engine ECU. Under normal circumstances, this damage cannot be presented immediately and can work normally. However, with the passage of time, the ECU damage will become more and more serious, resulting in the failure of normal use. Master Ning’s car belongs to this situation. Electric welding was used in the previous installation of containers and other operations. Few trucks do not use electric welding. Imagine the consequences if most of the vehicles sold are not informed of this problem? How many million new national 3 electric vehicles will “fall ill” on the road due to human negligence?

Popularization Of Electronic Control Knowledge Has A Long Way To Go

China has a large group of truck drivers. Although there are high-quality drivers everywhere, the overall cultural level is low, which is an indisputable fact. After the implementation of the national 3 policy, the electronically controlled engine can no longer be repaired at roadside stores as before, and the engine with simple structure is no longer available. Careful maintenance is required, which requires that car owners not only know how to drive, but also know the relevant mechanical and electrical control principles. How to popularize these knowledge? I think it’s futile for users to learn by themselves. Manufacturers and subordinate service stations and dealers should inform users of the basic information they need to know every day when they deliver the car and repair and maintenance, and send more repair and maintenance materials with the car. As a result, master Ning’s accidents caused by the manufacturer and dealer’s failure to inform the product characteristics completely disappeared.

According to the reporter, there is another ECU burning accident similar to master Ning in Dazhou, Sichuan. The reporter can’t get in touch with the car owner for the time being. However, the press conference will continue to pay attention to this similar event, awaken the manufacturers and car owners’ weak awareness of teaching and learning relevant knowledge about the maintenance and maintenance of national 3 electronically controlled vehicles, and let the vehicles running on the road create greater value.

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