If The Temperature Of Diesel Engine Is Too High, Can The Thermostat Be Removed
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If The Temperature Of Diesel
Engine Is Too High, Can The
Thermostat Be Removed

When the engine temperature is too high, the first reaction of many card friends is: there is a problem with the thermostat, quickly remove the thermostat! But is that really reasonable? Today, I’ll talk to you about whether the thermostat can be disassembled at will.

how does the thermostat work

At present, most diesel engines use wax thermostat with stable working performance. When the temperature of the cooling water is lower than the rated temperature, it valve is closed, and the cooling water can only be circulated in the diesel engine for a small time, rather than through the water tank for a large time. This is to accelerate the rise of cooling water temperature, shorten the warm-up time and reduce the running time of diesel engine at low temperature.

  • When the coolant temperature reaches the opening temperature of the thermostat valve, with the gradual increase of the diesel engine temperature, the thermostat valve will gradually open. More and more coolant will participate in the large cycle cooling, and the heat dissipation capacity will be greater and greater.
  • Once the temperature reaches or exceeds the full opening temperature of the main valve, the main valve is fully opened, and the auxiliary valve just closes the small circulation channel. At this time, the heat dissipation capacity will be brought into full play, so as to ensure that the diesel engine operates within the optimal temperature range. The rated operating temperature of the thermostat of different engines is also different. The following table is the working condition data of the “Kangji” standing thermostat provided by Kangkang to you card friends:

Can the thermostat be removed for operation?

  • Do not remove the thermostat at will and run the engine. When the water temperature of the diesel engine is found to be too high, carefully check whether the cooling system of the diesel engine has too high water temperature caused by reasons such as damage of it and excessive scale in the water tank. Do not think that the thermostat hinders the circulation of cooling water.

Influence after removing the thermostat during operation

  • Excessive fuel consumption
    After the thermostat is removed, the large cycle is dominant, and the engine emits more heat, resulting in more fuel waste. The engine runs below the normal operating temperature for a long time, and the fuel combustion is insufficient, which aggravates the fuel consumption.
  • Increased oil consumption
    If the engine is lower than the normal operating temperature for a long time, the engine will burn incompletely, and more carbon black will enter the engine oil, thickening the viscosity of the engine oil and increasing the sludge.
  • At the same time, the steam generated by combustion is easy to condense with acid gas, and the generated weak acid neutralizes the engine oil and increases the fuel consumption of the engine oil. At the same time, the diesel oil entering the cylinder is poorly atomized, and the non atomized diesel oil washes the oil on the cylinder wall, resulting in oil dilution and increasing the wear of cylinder liner and piston ring.
  • Shorten engine life
    Due to low temperature and high oil viscosity, it can not meet the lubrication of diesel engine friction parts in time, which increases the wear of diesel engine parts and reduces the power of the engine.
  • The water vapor produced by combustion is easy to condense with acid gas, which aggravates the corrosion to the engine body and shortens the service life of the engine.
    Therefore, it is harmful to run the engine without it.

How to check the thermostat

When the water temperature of the diesel engine is found to be too high, if it is checked that there is no shortage of coolant and the liquid level in the water tank turns over, it indicates that the water pump works normally, and it is necessary to check whether it is invalid.

  • Tip: if the opening performance test is operated in an area above 2500 meters above sea level, the heating medium must be antifreeze and antirust fluid.
    When it is determined that it is invalid, it shall be replaced in time, otherwise the diesel engine will operate at low temperature (or high temperature) for a long time, resulting in abnormal wear or overheating of the diesel engine and malignant accidents.
  • The replaced new thermostat can only be installed after passing the inspection. Do not install it, so that the diesel engine often runs at low temperature.
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