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Three tips for auto maintenance

It is troublesome to lie down when the car is out of power. The most energy-saving way is to call for rescue, but for some experienced old drivers, the following methods can also be used for emergency response.

Wire borrowing

If you have the same driver or a kind driver, of course, you also need a jumper wire. You can start the vehicle by overlapping the battery.

① Clamp the two poles of the battery of the tram with the grounding clip (pay attention not to connect the positive and negative poles wrong);

② Connect the electrode of another vehicle in the same way;

③ Turn off all electrical equipment on the vehicle, start the vehicle where the battery providing power is located, and run its engine for several minutes to ensure sufficient power.

④ Then start the vehicle without electricity in the normal way. After starting, gently press the accelerator pedal to make the engine run at the speed of 2000r / min for several minutes.

⑤ Turn off the ignition switch of the two vehicles, carefully remove the cable, and pay attention to avoid the collision between the positive and negative cable joints.

garden cart

Cart starting is a common emergency starting method in the past, but it is a forced means and can not be used frequently, because it will damage the engine and clutch, and automatic vehicles can not be started by this method.

Before starting the cart, first observe whether the road conditions at the vehicle parking position are suitable for starting the cart.

You can increase the speed with the help of downhill road; Try not to start the cart on the road with many vehicles and pedestrians, so as to avoid accidents caused by improper response of the driver after the vehicle is started.

Turn on the ignition switch before pushing the vehicle. After reaching a considerable speed, shift the transmission into gear, and then quickly release the clutch pedal and refuel.

Once the engine is started, step on the clutch pedal quickly, control the accelerator at the same time, don’t let the engine stop, and then stop slowly.


The method and principle of traction start are similar to that of cart start, but it is less labor and trouble.

During the specific implementation, the traction rope with appropriate length shall be used, and the two ends shall be bound firmly.

Before traction, the drivers of the front and rear vehicles shall first determine the contact signal, such as whistle or gesture, for coordination and cooperation.

To start at a slow speed, the driver in front should not only pay attention to the outward movement of the rear vehicle, but also pay attention to the traffic conditions on the road at any time.

The driver of the rear vehicle shall timely signal the front vehicle after the vehicle starts, and the two vehicles shall slowly stop near the roadside.

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