The Abrasion Of The First Row Of The Trailer Was Originally
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The Abrasion Of The First Row Of The Trailer Was Originally Caused By The High Saddle

Driving faults are common in the forum. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The first thing to bear the brunt is the tire. Frequent tire replacement is also one of the economic expenses of card friends. Here is an example from the forum to analyze the causes of tire wear.

Friend'S Question: Why Is The First Row Of Trailer Worn

Forum friends “when I sing this song” put forward the driving problem in the forum post: “how can my Trailer grind the tires in the front row? The tires in the front row are almost polished. For a car only 9 months old, the rear two rows are not polished”. For the flat trailer, the front row of tire grinding is not uncommon. The forum’s kind card friends gave the answer to the question.

The Saddle Of The Main Car Is Too High

The height difference between the main vehicle and the trailer, especially if the saddle of the main vehicle is high, the axle load relative to the first axle of the trailer is low. At this time, when the service brake is used frequently, especially without ABS, it is easy to cause rapid wear of the first axle of the trailer.

Test To Verify The Problem

We can get the answer from the comparison test of the ABS arrangement of the previous three trailers. For the detailed test process, you can read this article “there are statements on sensor arrangement and comparison of three Trailer ABS arrangements”.

Test Description: four sensors are arranged on different axles for 3 tests, namely 1 axle and 2 axles; 2 and 3 bridges; 1 bridge and 3 bridges. The ABS actuator controls the air supply of the three rows of brake chambers on both sides through the braking conditions of each axle detected by the sensor. All tests are conducted under the condition of empty vehicle.

Test results: if the sensors are arranged on axles 1 and 2, part of the braking effect will be lost, but the wheels will not be completely locked; It is arranged on axles 2 and 3, and the tire of the first axle is locked without exception after two tests; The best effect is to arrange the sensors on axles 1 and 3.

It can be seen from the results that when ABS is installed, if the saddle of the main vehicle is high and the sensor position is improperly arranged when the vehicle is empty, 1 axle is easy to wear. If the trailer is not equipped with ABS, it can be imagined that the tire wear will be greater when braking.

Adjust Saddle Height And Install Abs

1. Adjust the height of the saddle of the main vehicle so that the load of the first axle is not too small, and try not to brake suddenly when the vehicle is empty.

2. In order to install ABS safely and correctly install and use ABS, the braking force will be continuously adjusted when the first axle is locked to reduce tire friction.


Tires are consumables with little wear and tear. However, if the first row is seriously worn and the last two rows are OK, it will not only bring a burden to their own economy, but also seriously affect driving safety. Only by finding and solving problems in time can they travel safely. About the case of tire wear, you must have a lot of experience to share. You are welcome to leave a message at the bottom of the article to discuss and exchange

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