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Summer is fast approaching, and turning on the air conditioner as you get in the car will be the norm.If the air conditioner fails to use, the hot temperature will seriously affect the driver’s safety.

Commercial vehicle air conditioning system is actually a relatively independent system, and it is not highly correlated with other automobile systems, so even if there is a failure, troubleshooting the cause of the failure will be relatively simple. Friends with strong practical ability and learning ability suggest collection and preservation.

Function of main components

1. Compressor

Drived by the engine through the belt, its function is to suck in the refrigerant vapor of low temperature and low pressure, and compress it to the required pressure, and then send it to the condenser, which is the power source of the refrigerant cycle of the whole air conditioning.The higher the engine speed, the faster the refrigerant circulation, the greater the cooling power.

2. Condenser

The function is to transfer the heat of the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant to the outside air, so that the refrigerant condenses into liquid.

The condensing effect of condenser on refrigerant directly determines the refrigeration efficiency of air conditioning.

3. Evaporator

Usually arranged in the cockpit, its role is to absorb heat from the cockpit, so that the liquid refrigerant heat absorption vaporization into gas.

4, liquid storage dryer

The main role in the air conditioning system is: the refrigerant filtration, drying, dehumidification and storage of excess refrigerant.

5, expansion valve and temperature sensing package

Generally installed on the evaporator, the temperature sensing package is usually located at the exit of the evaporator, in order to detect the exit temperature of the evaporator, automatically adjust the opening of the expansion valve, control the flow rate of refrigerant, to control the stability of the temperature in the cab

Air conditioning maintenance tips

1, low pressure high pressure, replace the compressor

2, double high pressure to exhaust, or heat dissipation problems

3, the surface shaking system has water vapor, the evacuation must be more thorough

4, pressure double bottom deficit refrigerant, otherwise the system is blocked

These four sentences are the general formula of air conditioning maintenance. In addition to the failure of electronic control, the failure of the air conditioning system itself can be judged according to the formula and the meaning of the formula. With the failure point, it is much easier to solve the problem.

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