The reason why air conditioning is not cool enough in summer
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The poor heat dissipation effect of the condenser will lead to insufficient refrigeration of the air conditioner. The condenser is a heat exchanger used to release the heat contained in the refrigerant and convert the refrigerant from the gas state to the liquid state.

The condenser is usually installed in the front of the vehicle, and the fan blows the air through the radiator to facilitate the removal of heat.

Some light trucks will be placed in other places, such as the front of the cab side, or the side of the girder.

Because there is sludge, debris on the surface of the condenser, or the condenser radiator is deformed, the insufficient air volume of the cooling fan affects the cooling effect.

If the condenser is full of sludge and debris, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and remove debris, such as the heat sink deformation, it is necessary to repair, and it can not be replaced.

If the fan air volume is insufficient, it is necessary to check and repair, especially in the dusty willow catkins in the north, where the condenser is dirty and blocked.

Detection of condenser

Check the surface of the condenser and the pipe joint (including the liquid reservoir joint) for oil stains. If so, judge whether there is refrigerant leakage.

If fin bending, with long nose pliers to pull straight, or with special fin comb for straight, if the external force such as condenser tube is stone struck and bending and crushed or damaged, shall promptly repair, check whether the ventilation hood is in good condition, the condenser and the distance between the water tank is reasonable, or air in the middle loop will produce turbulent flow, heat.

Along the direction of the refrigerant flow, feel with your hand, if there is a significant temperature difference, there is a blockage, also can be through the manifold pressure gauge, if the gauge pressure indicates high pressure or high pressure, the high pressure pipeline is blocked.

Whether the refrigerant is sufficient or not can be quickly determined through the viewing window

(1) clear, no bubbles, indicating an appropriate amount of refrigerant

(2) alternate switch air conditioner can be used to check

(3) there are bubbles and bubbles flowing continuously, indicating that the refrigerant is insufficient.

(4) there is a long string of oil lines, and there are striped oil stains on the glass of the observation hole, which indicates that the amount of refrigerating oil is too much.

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