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Songge Repair Efi (4) Cut Off The Oil And Do Not Throw It Into The Doctor. Check The Filter Screen First

Many users of EFI common rail country III system have difficulty starting in the morning. They suddenly can’t afford to add oil, and there are no fault codes and speed limits. They turn off the ignition lock for a moment and return to normal. In this case, do not doubt whether your car needs to repair or replace components of the EFI system. First, check whether the filter screen at the oil inlet port of the “high pressure oil pump” is blocked.


The above figure shows the installation position of the oil inlet filter screen of the current mainstream Guosan engine. This is the last barrier of the EFI common rail system and the low-pressure oil circuit. Its function is to intercept and filter large particles. These impurities will seriously damage the precision coupling of the high-pressure oil pump, resulting in the scrapping of the oil pump, the paralysis of the common rail system and huge losses for the owner.

This is a seriously blocked filter screen. The black substances in the photo are colloidal viscous substances with large particles. This is a typical case caused by dirty fuel tank, poor oil product and fake diesel filter element. Fortunately, the owner found it early, cleaned the filter screen and replaced the genuine filter element, which did not cause much loss.

Songge Answers Some Questions From Kayou:

My Car Normally Changes The Filter Element. How Can Such Large Particles Run To The Filter Screen Of The Oil Pump?

A: look at the essence through the phenomenon. The blocking of the filter screen of the high-pressure oil pump is a protective measure. The essential reason is the replacement of the inferior diesel filter. There are many aspects of the quality of the filter, such as the paper and bonding materials in the filter element. Some defective filters can’t see the problem at that time. For a long time, many problems may occur when the diesel is soaked.

This Filter Screen Is Broken. Can You Remove It?

A: absolutely not. It is recommended to check the filter screen for 50000 km. The oil products in bad areas are poor. Replace the diesel filter in advance. Don’t wait until the filter screen of high-pressure oil pump is blocked. If the filter screen is blocked, it is likely that the common rail system has abnormal operation, the precursor of damage and huge loss.

Why Is The Shape And Position Of The Filter Screen In My Car Different From The Installation Position On The Drawing?

A: the electric control common rail system of domestic heavy trucks is mainly Bosch and electric equipment. In the figure above, some models of Bosch system are taken as examples. The electric equipment system is slightly different. It is recommended that card friends go to the official maintenance station to solve or replace parts.

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