The Most Wanted Howo Truck Gearbox Main Shaft Price List 2023- High Quality
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The Most Wanted Howo Truck Gearbox Main Shaft Price List

Gearbox Main Shaft
No.Part No.Part NamePriceAccessory Title
——AZ2203040405Main shaft ass.$1.00 SINOTRUCK HOWO GEARBOX PARTS HW19710 HW19712 AZ2203040405 Main Shaft Assy SPARE PARTS RUSSIA
1WG2210040002Ring$1.00 SINOTRUK HOWO truck transmission small differential gear for main shaft WG2210040002-Gearbox Main Shaft
2AZ2210040207R. gear$1.00 AZ2210040207 AZ2210040307 AZ2210040007 Main Shaft Reverse Gear HW19710-Gearbox Main Shaft
3WG2229040003Nozzle$0.20 WG2229040003 Factory Wholesale Price SINOTRUK HOWO Truck Spare Parts Gearbox Clamp for Heavy Truck
4WG2210040012Spacer$0.71 Sinotruck Howo Transmission SPLINE STOP WASHER WG2210040012 in stock china factory
5AZ2208040001Adjust washer$1.00 High-quality Adjusting washer for SINOTRUK AZ2208040001 Truck parts
6WG2210040210Slide sleeve$1.00 Big promotion Spindle sleeve for sinotruk howo truck transmission spare parts WG2210040210
7AZ22100402301st gear$1.00 Sinotruk Howo truck spare parts transmission main shaft first gear AZ2210040230
8AZ22100402062nd gear$10.00 AZ2210040206 Sinotruk howo HW19710 Truck HW15710 GearBox parts Spindle second gear
9AZ2208040002Adjust washer$4.00 SINOTRUCK HOWO GEARBOX PARTS HW19710 HW19712 AZ2208040002 Ajusting Washers SPARE PARTS RUSSIA
10WG2203040009Main shaft ass.$1.00 WG2203040009 Heavy Truck Part Sinotruk HOWO Weichai Shacman FAW Dongfeng gearbox Main shaft
11AZ22100402253rd gear$4.00 SINOTRUCK HOWO GEARBOX PARTS HW19710 HW19712 AZ2210040225 Main Shaft 3rd Gear SPARE PARTS RUSSIA
12AZ22100402244th gear$1.00 Sinotruk howo truck spare parts gearbox Main Shaft 4-T Gear AZ2210040224-Gearbox Main Shaft
13WG2229040211Key$0.80 SINOTRUK HOWO spare part WG2229040211 Hex Key
14Q5280310Cylinder pin$0.82 Q5280310 Two-axis elastic cylindrical pin HWKUOE HEAVY MACHINE SPARE PARTS-Gearbox Main Shaft
15AZ2208040001Adjust washer$1.00 High-quality Adjusting washer for SINOTRUK AZ2208040001 Truck parts
Sinotruk Howo Gearbox Main Shaft: The Key Component for Efficient Transmission
  • As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, Sinotruk has been continuously innovating its products to improve their efficiency and performance. One such crucial component of Sinotruk’s advanced technology is the gearbox main shaft.
  • The gearbox main shaft is a key component of the transmission system that converts the power generated by the engine into torque and propels the vehicle. Sinotruk’s Howo gearbox main shaft plays a critical role in ensuring efficient gear transmission, which is essential for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.
  • The Sinotruk Howo gearbox main shaft is a precision-engineered component designed for high-speed operation and heavy-duty applications. It is made from high-quality steel alloys, ensuring robustness and durability. The shaft is precisely machined and heat-treated to provide high strength, excellent wear resistance, and consistent performance, even in rugged and challenging operating conditions.
  • The gearbox main shaft’s critical function is to transmit power from the engine to the transmission system and transfer it to the wheels to propel the vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the main shaft’s surface is treated to reduce friction, reduce wear, and improve efficiency. Sinotruk’s Howo gearbox main shafts are finished with high-precision grinding and super finishing to reduce friction and wear, ensuring long-lasting and efficient operation.
  • Sinotruk’s Howo gearbox main shaft has undergone a series of tests and quality control measures to ensure its reliability. The main shafts undergo stress, fatigue, and wear tests to ensure that they meet the required specifications and standards, such as DIN, SAE, and ISO. The tests validate the shaft’s performance, load-bearing capacity, and durability under various operating conditions, including high torque and high speeds.
  • Importantly, the gear ratio plays a crucial role in the gearbox’s efficiency and fuel economy. Sinotruk’s Howo gearbox main shafts allow for multiple gear ratios to be achieved, which can translate into improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, making it an eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution.
  • In conclusion, Sinotruk’s Howo gearbox main shafts are an essential and innovative component that plays a crucial role in the transmission system of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. With their high strength, durability, efficient machining, and finish, they ensure efficient transmission of power to the wheels, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • The quality control measures and testing ensure their reliability, which is crucial in heavy-duty applications. Therefore, Sinotruk’s Howo gearbox main shafts are an excellent investment for transportation companies looking to improve performance, fuel efficiency, and reduce their environmental footprint.
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