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The Most Complete Sinotruk Cabin Internal Lining(HW76) Price List

Internal Lining(HW76)
No. Part No. Part Name Price Accessory Title
1 WG1642610001 Roof Panelling $5.60  factory price PPGI Products Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil GI Metal Roofing Sheet Panel Plate Prime Prepainted Color Coated COIL
2 Q2713519F31 Screw $0.01  Preferential Price on Self-tapping Screw M3-M6 Self-tapping Screw Stainless Steel Phillip General Industry
3 WG1642610018 Frame $0.98  Top trending Rattan Photo Frame Picture High Quality 8×10″ Home Decoration Wood rattan Weaving
4 Q2714216F31 Screw $0.01  Grade 10.9 /12.9 Hex Torque rod bolt screw fastener M16-M30 bolt and nuts for heavy truck-Cab Tool Box
5 AZ1642610014 Nut $75.00  dongfeng truck diesel engine nut Q340B06
6 WG1642610004 Guide -left $75.00  dongfeng truck diesel engine nut Q340B06-Internal Lining(HW76)
7 WG1642610032 Guide for front curtain $6.67  non-electrical tend Business Vehicle front glass sunshade curtain with OEM price-Cab Tool Box
8 WG1642610003 Guide -right $1.00  Right Side Sliding Door Roller Middle Guide For 2002-2013 Ford Transit Connect MK1 2T14V26800AG 5191805 4470337 4385856 4378202-Internal Lining(HW76)
9 WG1642610017 Cover $1.59  pop up commercial Trade Show Tents print cover insulated event party Custom mobile folding 3×3-Cab Tool Box
10 Q2714219F31 Screw $0.01  Grade 10.9 /12.9 Hex Torque rod bolt screw fastener M16-M30 bolt and nuts for heavy truck
11 WG1642610016 Support seat $1.10  JIABEIR 1088 Custom LOGO Low MOQ Universal PVC Bucket Car Racing Seats-Internal Lining(HW76)
12 WG1642610011 “A” pole panelling -left $0.10  A-pillar inner shield left WG1642610011 for SINOTRUK HOWO Truck parts-Cab Tool Box
13 WG1642610012 “A” pole panelling -right $1.00  WG1642610012 Power take-off assembly transmission type 9 gears HWKUOE HEAVY MACHINE SPARE PARTS
14 WG1642610029 Strap -right $4.00  Valea Iron Front (Right/Left) Doors Hinge Stop Check Strap Limitery For E92 E93 3 Series COUPE/CABRIO 2005-2013 Oe 51217193671
15 WG1642610009 Panelling -right $1.00  Dashboard Left Right Air Conditioner AC Vent Grill Outlet Cover Panel For Mercedes Benz GLE GLS Class W166 W292 2015-2019
16 WG1642610010 Strap -right rear $1.49  Oem 72380-TVE-H01 72340-TVE-H01 Front Rear Left Right Door Stopper Check Strap Checker for Honda Accord 2018 2019 2020 2021-Cab Tool Box
17 190003172951  Rivet $0.02  Aluminium Waterproof Washer Structural Bulb Tite Blind Rivet With Rubber-Cab Tool Box
18 WG1642610006 Rear panelling $0.27  ja solar 540w 550w bifacial solar panel mono half cut 182mm solar cell rear solar panel-Internal Lining(HW76)
19 WG1642610008 Strap -left rear $3.00  Post-Operative Rehabilitation Pet Guard Walking Aids Rear Hock Straps Hind Sing Leg Support Back Bracer Dog Knee Brace For Dog
20 WG1642610007 Panelling -left $7.56  Top Fashion Aluminum Frame Skin Panels Laminate Hpl Fireproof Hotel Fire Steel Resisting Door With Glass
21 WG1642610028 Strap -left $0.12  Luggage hardware left and right ear clip buckle metal wallet buckle shoulder strap epoxy horseshoe buckle
22 WG1642610013 Sealing $0.02  ZHIDE Wholesale Price FKM NBR Dustproof USH Type Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals for Cylinder Piston Rod
23 116000770023  Hook $0.15  Zinc Alloy Black Bear Metal Clothes Vintage Coat Hanger Rack Towel Hook-Internal Lining(HW76)
24 WG1642610019 Strap $0.25  Classic Plaid Pattern Webbing Strap Organic hemp Webbing Nylon Jacquard Webbing for Accessories
25 AZ1642610050 Curtain $3.80  hot selling 100% polyester fabric blackout curtains
Sinotruk Cabin Internal Lining: Improving Comfort, Insulating Noise and Enhancing Durability

The Sinotruk cabin internal lining is a critical component that provides additional comfort and protection for truck drivers, often overlooked when compared to other more visible exterior features.

Importance of Cabin Internal Lining

A cabin internal lining’s primary purpose is to protect the cabin’s interior from external elements, vibrations, and road noise. The internal lining also provides extra insulation against heat and cold. When exposed to harsh weather conditions, the interior cabin can quickly become uncomfortable, affecting the driver’s focus and leading to fatigue. The internal lining can contribute significantly to improving the driver’s overall comfort and reducing noise levels while driving.

Benefits of Cabin Internal Lining

The Sinotruk cabin internal lining offers many benefits to drivers and can significantly improve their driving experience. Firstly, it helps to protect the cabin’s interior from scratches, moisture, and other damage, preventing costly repairs and maintenance. Secondly, it improves the insulation, reducing road noise and vibrations, and minimizing the discomfort. Thirdly, it enhances the durability of the cabin’s interior, preventing wear and tear, and making it look newer for longer.

Choosing the Best Cabin Internal Lining
  • When selecting the best Sinotruk cabin internal lining, drivers must consider some key factors. Firstly, the lining’s thickness and density must provide sufficient insulation and noise absorption to the cabin’s interior. Secondly, it must be easy to clean and maintain and be a good fit for the cabin’s interior. Thirdly, the material must be durable and designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions a truck may encounter.
  • The available lining materials range from PVC foam to thermoformed ABS or even fiberglass. PVC foam is a lightweight and cost-effective option, while thermoformed ABS is sturdier and more durable. Fiberglass offers excellent sound insulation and durability, but it is more expensive. Drivers must decide which material will meet their individual needs best.
  • The Sinotruk cabin internal lining is an essential component that improves driver comfort, minimizes noise levels, and enhances the durability of the cabin’s interior. It provides an extra layer of insulation against harsh weather conditions, road noise, and vibrations, contributing significantly to the driver’s overall well-being. Choosing the right cabin internal lining requires careful consideration of the material’s thickness, density, durability, and ease of maintenance. With the right selection, drivers can enjoy a comfortable, noise-free, and durable driving experience that reduces the risk of driver fatigue and improves safety.
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