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The first kind: aluminum alloy material

Aluminum alloy material has its inherent characteristics:

1, light weight, reduce fuel consumption.

The density of aluminum alloy is about 1/3 of steel, so the use of aluminum alloy material vehicles can greatly reduce the dead weight, and then reduce the dead weight, but also reduce fuel consumption.

2, corrosion resistance, reduce corrosion cost.

Unlike steel material, aluminum alloy material needs regular anti-rust paint treatment. It is a kind of anti-rust material. Even if there are scratches, there is no need to worry about rust.

3, easy to process.

One craft-like aluminum alloy steel ring weighs only 26 kilograms!

Therefore, the fuel tank (WG9725550006), rim, gearbox housing, various supports, and even some saddles on the main body are made of aluminum alloy. Not to mention the aluminum trailers that are common in large logistics parks.

Although the advantages of aluminum alloy material is relatively high, but the cost is relatively high compared to ordinary steel. Therefore, in terms of economy, steel is still dominant in automobiles.

Two: magnesium alloy materials

The greatest advantage of magnesium alloys is their light weight. Magnesium has a density of only 1.74g/cm3, two-thirds that of aluminum and two-ninth that of iron, while magnesium alloys typically contain more than 90 percent magnesium. Therefore, the density of the magnesium alloy is not very different from that of the magnesium itself.

Some experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that magnesium alloy has higher strength and stiffness than aluminum alloy, good electromagnetic shielding performance, excellent damping performance, recycling, is the ideal material for lightweight car body.

It was reported last year that the world’s first magnesium alloy car jointly developed by Fujian ZTE and Quinfu was officially delivered to the customer’s magnesium alloy trailer. It weighs about 2.5 tons, about 3 tons lighter than carbon steel and 1 ton lighter than aluminum alloy.

However, due to the late start of magnesium alloy manufacturing, the process is not particularly mature, so the cost is high, and it is not widely used in the heavy truck (Hauwalker truck parts) industry. However, the magnesium alloy is easy to be recovered with a recovery rate of more than 90%. At the same time, China’s magnesium resources are rich and have broad prospects for development.

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Three: high strength steel

The advantages of high strength steel over the first two alloy materials are:

1. Low cost;

2, the manufacturing process is simple, can basically use the original production line manufacturing;

3, good rigidity, good impact resistance, high fatigue strength, some high strength steel tensile strength is 2 ~ 3 times of ordinary steel.

Trailer high strength steel to T700 type as the representative.

However, the performance of high strength steel also has weaknesses:

Poor toughness: because high strength steel has a low elongation, it is easy to break.

Difficulty in welding: high strength steel is easy to anneal when it encounters strong current, which damages the steel structure and is easy to fracture after annealing. So, if you remember that your trailer is made of high-strength steel, don’t just go to a repair shop and have it soldered.

Fourth: composite materials

Plastic composite materials are widely used in automobiles because of their advantages such as light weight, good physical properties, good corrosion resistance, good bending resistance, high reliability and good heat resistance.

Dongfeng front cover and bumper are made of composite material

Front covers, bumpers, dashboards, bonnets, door handles, sun visors, etc., are made of this material for almost everything plastic you see in a car. But composite materials can not be recycled, not conducive to environmental protection. Metal material is incomparable!

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