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The first type: aluminum alloy material

Aluminum alloy materials have their inherent characteristics:

1, Light weight, reducing fuel consumption.

The density of aluminum alloy is about 1/3 of that of steel, so vehicles using aluminum alloy materials can greatly reduce their own weight, and then their own weight is reduced, and fuel consumption is also reduced.

2, Corrosion resistance, reduce the cost of anti-corrosion.

Aluminum alloy materials, unlike steel materials require regular rust-proof paint treatment, is a rust-proof material, and there is no need to worry about rust even if there is scratch.

3, Easy to process.

A craft-like aluminum alloy steel ring weighs only 26 kg!

Therefore, the fuel tank, rim, gearbox casing, various brackets, and even some saddles on the main body are aluminum alloy materials. Not to mention the aluminum allo trailers which are often seen in large-scale logistics parks.

Although the advantages of aluminum alloy materials are relatively high, the cost is relatively high compared with ordinary steels. Therefore, in terms of economics, steel is still dominant in vehicles.

Second: magnesium alloy material

The biggest advantage of magnesium alloys is their light weight. The density of magnesium is only 1.74g/cm3, which is 2/3 of aluminum and 2/9 of iron, while the magnesium content of magnesium alloy generally exceeds 90%.

Therefore, the density of magnesium alloy and the density of magnesium itself are not much different.

Some experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have said that the magnesium alloy has higher strength and stiffness than aluminum alloy.

Has good electromagnetic shielding performance, superior damping and vibration damping, and can be recycled, which makes it a perfect material for lightweight body.

Third: high strength steel

The advantages of high strength steel to the first two alloy materials are:

1,Low cost;

2, the manufacturing process is simple, basically can be manufactured using the original production line;

3, good rigidity, good impact resistance and high fatigue strength, some high-strength steel tensile strength is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary steel.

Trailer high-strength steel is represented by T700 model.

However, the properties of high-strength steel also have weaknesses:

Poor toughness: Because high-strength steel has a small elongation, it is easy to break.

Welding is difficult: high-strength steel is easily annealed when it encounters a strong current, which destroys the steel structure and is easily broken after annealing.

Therefore, if you remember that your trailer is made of high-strength steel, don’t just find a repair shop to weld.

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