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The Fuel Injection System

c By pressurizing and injecting fuel, the system forces it into the compressed air in the combustion chamber. It consists of fuel injection pump, high pressure pipe, fuel injection nozzle, feed pump and fuel filter. Each component has its own function in this system. Like the fuel injection pump, the fuel is pressurized to high pressure. The high-pressure pipe delivers fuel to the fuel injection nozzle. The function of the fuel injection nozzle is to inject fuel into the cylinder. For the feed pump, it draws fuel from the fuel tank, and some of the fuel filters also have a fuel settler at the bottom to separate water from the fuel. Finally, the fuel filter filters the fuel. They all work closely together to ensure good diesel injection system performance. Today, we will introduce the four main functions of the diesel injection system.

1.Feeding fuel

A pump element such as a cylinder and a plunger is built into the main body of the syringe pump. When the cam lifts the plunger, the fuel is compressed to high pressure and then sent to the injector.

2.Adjusting fuel quantity

In diesel engines the intake of air is almost constant, irrespective of the rotating speed and load. If the injection quantity is changed with the engine speed and the injection timing is constant, the output and fuel consumption change. Since the engine output is almost proportional to the injection quantity, this is adjusted by the accelerator pedal.

3.Adjusting injection timing

Ignition delay is the period of time between the point when the fuel is injected, ignited and combusted and when maximum combustion pressure is reached. As this period of time is almost constant, irrespective of engine speed, a timer is used to adjust and change injection timing– enabling optimum combustion to be achieved.

4.Atomizing fuel

When the injection pump pressurize the fuel and then atomized from the injection nozzle.Then fuel will be mixed with air completely, thereby improving the ignition performance. This is complete combustion.

In short, the fuel injection system is the core component of a diesel engine. So the best-selling of the engine parts is taken for granted. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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