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It Doesn'T Cost A Penny! The Failure Of Tank Car Cooling System Is Not Difficult

Recently, a colleague who used to drive a cement mixer in the company called and said that his cooling fan was broken, affecting the operation. After asking me what caused the fault and its solution, I suspected that the insurance was burnt out. After replacing it with a new insurance, the fault was solved. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the hydraulic oil heat dissipation system of cement mixer truck.

The tank of the cement mixer truck operates through hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic oil flows at a certain speed in the pipeline for a long time and rubs with the pipe wall. In addition to the resistance of various valves in the pipeline and the work of the oil pump, the hydraulic oil is compressed to generate heat and increase the oil temperature. When the hydraulic oil works normally, it is good to have a certain temperature, but if it exceeds the temperature range, it will not only make the whole working system unstable, but also damage the seals and aggravate the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil.

The hydraulic oil heat dissipation system of concrete mixer is generally composed of the following four parts, of which the most prone to failure is the insurance used to protect the whole circuit. Therefore, when such problems occur, friends driving concrete mixer should first check whether the insurance is normal, and then troubleshoot other parts.

The Heat Exchanger Is Similar To The Water Tank, And The Hydraulic Oil Flows To Cool Down

Like the principle of engine heat dissipation, the concrete mixer uses hydraulic oil radiator to cool down. The motor-driven fan installed on the heat exchanger (also known as the heat dissipation oil tank) drives the fan for forced heat dissipation to keep the hydraulic oil within the normal working range.

The above mechanical pointer detects the negative pressure in the pipeline. If there is a reading, it proves that the hydraulic oil filter may be blocked. At the beginning, just pull out the rubber plug and let the pointer return to zero. If there is a reading later and it cannot be solved after pulling out the rubber plug, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil filter element.

The Motor-Driven Fan Takes Away The Heat Of Hydraulic Oil

The motor is the most critical component in the whole heat dissipation system. The good or bad heat dissipation effect is directly related to the motor speed and the stable state of operation. It is directly powered by the electric control box connected to the vehicle battery and drives the motor to run at high speed to take away the heat in the heat exchanger and cool the hydraulic oil.

The Temperature Sensor Detects The Hydraulic Oil Temperature

The sensor installed on the oil inlet pipe of the heat exchanger is used to detect the temperature of the hydraulic oil entering the heat exchanger. It is the second fault point to be eliminated after the insurance fault is eliminated.

The Control Box Keeps The Hydraulic Oil From High Temperature

The control box is the brain of the whole heat dissipation system, which is similar to the ECU of the vehicle. After its analysis, the data transmitted by the temperature sensor exceeds the predetermined temperature value, connect the circuit of the heat dissipation motor and let the motor run to take away the temperature in the hydraulic oil. It is equipped with a fuse to protect the whole circuit, so that the control box will not be easily damaged.

OK, after finishing its principle, please follow the following sequence for the most economical and time-saving troubleshooting after the cooling system fails and the motor does not run

Check fuse – replace temperature sensor – replace motor – replace control box


As truck drivers, we still need to understand the working principle of some basic structures on the vehicle, and find and eliminate problems in the daily use process. Vehicles, if used well, can indeed bring us considerable economic benefits. Of course, this process is inseparable from your careful care for it. If you have any questions about cement mixer, please leave a message.

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